Gee Gee Rosser: “Here I AM (My Body)” – wrapped up in emotional realness!

Gee Gee Rosser is a singer-songwriter from Decatur, GA. She recently released her track “Here I AM (My Body)”. The song is written and performed by Georgette “Gee Gee” Rosser and produced by Israel “IZ” Embry, while it was mixed by JHOT Scott. Gee Gee delivers an emotional, soulful and climactic vocal performance.

Her voice is breathy, sexy and sensual – exactly what you would expect from a bedroom banger. She masterfully delivers to us, her heart, body and soul on a sleeve and we just devour it up because it tastes so good.

Gee Gee Rosser has an amazing vocal range, and here she wraps you up in her beautiful tone, while hitting you with that soft side every woman possesses. Her voice make’s you relax, gives you a massage, and make’s passionate love to you.

Gee Gee Rosser
Gee Gee Rosser

With so much music today dubbing and overdubbing the singer’s voice it is refreshing to hear music here with Gee Gee’s voice strongly in the forefront untouched, sincere and strong.

She is obviously an artist who writes and sings from the heart. Her music is personal and gets to this point without cutting corners. “Here I AM (My Body)” is very confident in its message and delivery. Gee Gee Rosser is not afraid to uncover and explore her intentions and desires. This is a sure sign of her self-assured femininity. Her performance is expressive, yearning, sexy, and joyful as she utilizes that broad range.

The thing that’s so electrifying about Gee Gee Rosser is she has the phenomenal ability to transcend music in this song – be it because of the incandescent lyrics or her sultry voice and expressions, but at some stage during the song, I could no longer hear the music, only Gee Gee saying – “My universe embraces you. Your majesty, I surrender to you!” I regained my senses, but only for a second as I lost it again with – “For all you bring into my life, accept my love as a sacrifice. My gift to you, my body.”

Now people, let’s drop the hypocrisy and ask the question, just how many men would do anything to hear those lines from a lady?  Well, you know the answer to that question. Now ponder on how many women actually drop lines like those to their men? Bet you know the answer to that too!

The fact of the matter is, Gee Gee Rosser has hit a homerun here with “Here I AM (My Body)”, and she knows it. Actually to be fair, she’s hit it right out of the park, as she unleashes her playful, sensual side all wrapped up in what sounds like emotional realness. There’s hardly a man I know that can resist that!

Spicy, romantic, and passionate, this lady is ready to rise to the top!


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