Martin Strecker: “Butterfly (Disco Deluxe Remix)” brings a great deal of nostalgia!

Danish born electronic-pop recording artist and song writer Martin Strecker, is currently based in Istanbul, Turkey, where he is working on his 3rd EP and a full length CD. With several of his releases used to raise money and awareness for Syrian Child Refugees and for LGBTI-rights, Martin has just dropped the single, “Butterfly (Disco Deluxe Remix)”. The track is a disco make-over of “You Are A Butterfly” from the ‘A Thought Comes To My Mind’ EP, and is from the forthcoming album “Disco Deluxe”.

There is something unique about Martin Strecker that brings a great deal of nostalgia with his music. If you liked the new romanticism of bands like Depeche Mode, OMD, Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music and Rick Astley, ABC, Spandau Ballet and Culture Club back in the eighties, mixed with a touch of disco, you will have a certain yearning for the sound on “Butterfly (Disco Deluxe Remix)”.

Martin Strecker (Photo by Bradley Secker)

Martin writes songs that are of a great musical quality, with moving lyrics and a pinch of irony. His music can be soft or energetic, nostalgic and melancholic, and sometimes all of those things at the same time, as occurs on “Butterfly (Disco Deluxe Remix)”.

His musical style is difficult to categorize as it contains pop, indie, electro, and even classical elements all at the same time. The common denominators between all of these complex compositions, however, are beautiful melodies and deep lyrics that transcend the simplicity of ordinary pop music.

Throughout Martin Strecker’s voice is as rich as coffee, as smooth as silk. In the slower, original version of  like “You Are A Butterfly” Martin re-defines the possibilities of what synth-pop music can be…what it should be… pure, elegant art and not just elevator music.

Though everyone can enjoy Martin’s music at a basic level, the deeper, reflective souls among will get the most of the incredibly beautiful songs he puts together. Many of which can be found on the “A Thought Comes To My Mind” EP.

For those who enjoy a bit of rhythm and a party feel to their sonics, “Butterfly (Disco Deluxe Remix)” is just what the doctor ordered. But my advice is not to stop there, and further investigate Martin Strecker’s catalog, as he has a lot more to offer musically.


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