Twenty Two B: “Karma Is A Bitch” bursts with evanescent vitality!

Twenty Two B grew up on the Ivory Coast in West Africa. It was a place ravaged by war, and over the years he experienced the loss of family members and friends. The war had such an impact on his homeland that it became a daily fight for survival. Wanting to escape away from this horror and find a better life, he eventually found himself on a plane to Los Angeles. “War is awful,” says Twenty Two B. “You have to find your way out. I got out 10 years ago, but there are still a lot of people stuck in it – people like those children in Syria right now.”

Currently climbing up the indie charts is the track “Karma Is A Bitch” by Twenty Two B. The track taken from the album “In The Making”,   is another step in the continuing process of the musical genius that is Twenty Two B. This track shines as brightly as any of his others and the rich, heartfelt soul searching lyrics accompany the wonderful, soulful, rock driven funky music.

The song is a treasure and will get stuck in your head for days.  Give the guy a guitar and some sunglasses ( no on second thoughts give him sunglasses as he designs his own!), and what you have is a single specimen that makes life unfair for most every other rock n’ roll strutter in the universe.

Twenty Two B says the song was inspired by his  life experiences which has taught him that whatever you project will always come back to you so it’s best to think twice before you act because Karma Is A Bitch. Twenty Two B manages to both impress and inspire with this killer song that will make your body move as much as it will make you think.

Raw and hard, the track rides on a banging beat and thick overdriven guitar riffs. By the time the pulsating chorus opens up and the song settles in, you might as well hit up those stonewashed jeans for one more night out on an overtly florescent town.

From the outset of “Karma Is A Bitch”, it is clear that Twenty Two B aimed to shakes things up on this recording, as the track bursts with an evanescent vitality. His talent and delivery are intense, as he pushes the gnarly, enthusiastic arrangement ahead. “Karma Is A Bitch” is three minutes and thirteen seconds of classic funk-driven rock n’ roll that’s addictive!


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