Charlie Atom: “Winter” ft. DJ Michael Fall and Joe Bateman sizzles!

Charlie Atom is a DJ and multi-instrumentalist, as well as electronic dance music producer from Mexico who combines many genres of music like house, rock, pop, classical music and more to create his music and conceptual tracks. Atom is known for making catchy tunes and using melodic structures to create a narrative on his tracks.

“Winter” a track done in collaboration with DJ Michael Fall and Joe Bateman on the vocals, reached the UltraTOP Belgian Top 50, coming in at number 46. The supporting music video was produced by the Blanco y Negro, a leading dance music record company in Spain, while the lyrics to the track were written by singer Joe Bateman.

Charlie Atom
Charlie Atom

Charlie Atom already looks like snatching this year’s song of the summer crown with a track cleverly titled…“Winter”.  Mexican DJ-producer Charlie Atom is trying to keep the momentum of his growing popularity moving forward.

The track, recycles many of the same smash hit party tricks honed by A-list EDM stars and producers: a steady, smooth beat that builds and builds before bursting into a piano-driven earworm, dominated by soaring and melodic vocals that are earthy and warm. But Charlie Atom is no copycat or production clone, he uses a common basic formula which is chart-ready and then develops and fleshes out the arrangement.

The result is an affable, organic sounding instrumental that is as captivating as it is catchy, with lots of pastel colored keyboard textures and tones which engulf the soundscape alongside a bouncy handclapping beat that will get your feet tapping, your head nodding and your body moving.

“Winter” does what many EDM fans will want it to. It’s accessible, dance floor-friendly and packed to the rafters with melody and great sounds. It’s the type of music that comes ricocheting off the ceilings of clubs, reverberating through the walls of arenas and climbing up the mainstream pop charts.

Now to that winning formula add the superb soulful vocals by Joe Bateman, which switches between his normal range and falsetto at the flick of a dime, and the pairing of the rhythm, melody and harmony makes for an almost sure-fire hit. This song is a motivating force of love and inspiration.

I listened to it on repeat and caught a whirlwind of excitement and inspiration. Food is not the only fuel for the body. Try well-made music and fall in love with your favorite song or person or whatever. “Winter” will take you for a real ride!


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