Judgemetal: “Quenelle” – a metal revolution!

Judgemetal is an English heavy metal band formed in Essex during 2011 when members Thomas Colley (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals) Colin Wilson (Lead Guitar) Chris Stevens (Bass, Vocals) Joshua Johnson (Drums) met in a video studio above a pub in Alexandra Palace, London. The collective, who blend influences of Nu Metal, Thrash, Punk, and Groove Metal, has just released their brand new single, “Quenelle”.

This debut recording feels like it’s headed to a destination. What I’m talking about is purpose. The track features that rare ability to make one understand within the first 30 seconds that the musicians are speaking from their soul on all accounts. This type of scorching, back to basics blare-fest, is a rarity in today’s metal scene.


The thing that I think comes through from Judgemetal is that they are real. These guys are sizzling worked about something or everything and that kind of passion makes for real rock, rather than the phony junk that mostly tries to pass off in today’s hermetically-sealed, overwhelmingly mediocre music rock and metal scene.

Judgemetal delivers the real goods, like rounds being shot out of a string of bazookas. Also extremely cool is that their music is made from guitars, a bass, drums and a vocalist. No synthetic electronic gizmos, just hand-made, organic, rip snorting rant and roar.

Every once in a while a band will achieve a near perfect realization of everything they’re trying to accomplish. That’s almost the case with this debut track. The lyrics and vocals are relentless and uncompromising, while the bone-crunching beat and riffs are robust, raw and dirty, but seamlessly interwoven.

“Quenelle” is focused and simultaneously, an unapologetic sonic assault. They sing, shout, growl and rap…and yes they do it all in one song! No pussyfooting allowed here, as Judgemetal are pretty hard-core in every aspect.

It’s even more alluring when you watch the single’s supporting video and see that Judgemetal look like a bunch of regular down to earth guys. No pretenses, no presumption…hell the lead singer doesn’t even have long hair! But don’t let that fool you, these guys carry a heavy load and they kick some real ass.

You get the sense that Judgemetal really want more than just a single or album success…they want a metal revolution, and they attempt to incite it with every crunching power-chord, bass thump, drum thud, and shouting manifesto. If you want to be part of that musical revolution, now you know where enlist!


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