John-Marc Lucid: “Mamacita” – a dancehall-dipped banger!

Texas, USA based Dancehall and Reggae artist , John-Marc Lucid has dropped his single “Mamacita”. The upbeat track is sure to set the dance floor alight and get hips swinging, as John-Marc Lucid brings his rhythm and urban flavor that will have you Spotifying him for more hits. Like of list of musical cultures represented in the song’s make up, there is a lot going on here. There’s the reggae vibe, the dancehall tones and an edgy urban bass essence coming through.

The song has all the ingredients for a ground breaking, interesting track, as there is plenty originality here. I can see the song blazing across dance floors the world over and it’s catchy enough to still be stuck in my head. The flow is unique, driving home just how accomplished John-Marc Lucid has become as a rapper/singer in his own rights. This is a hype track, and will easily become one of the dancehall anthems we all know and love.

John-Marc Lucid gifts listeners with an inspirational song with “Mamacita”. The track is powered by striding drums, keys, and hand-claps and effectively showcases Lucid’s infectious vocal tone. It is a dancehall-dipped banger that is sure to induce a whine from the most prude rude gal, as Lucid delivers oodles of slick talk all over the beat. The song may not have gotten the fanfare yet, as the track is only a month old, but it will get any party started right from now.

“Mamacita” produced by OGE Beats gives a vibe that everyone who listens to this music would enjoy starting their day to. One can tell that John-Marc Lucid is looking to capture a broader audience of fans and make them his own, yet while he is expanding his sound, he is still true to his roots!

The power of John-Marc Lucid’s delivery and his dedication to every tune deserves better commercial surroundings, and one has to wonder why the powers that be over at the major labels are not putting out all the stops to grab a piece of this dude’s craft. Not that that this is a currently problem for Lucid as he keeps moving his music through the underground.

And while a better-built major label showcase could have put the talented and sincere John-Marc Lucid on dancehall and reggae’s Top40 shelf, his latest release, “Mamacita”, has enough exciting moments to make it an easy recommendation for the genre’s faithful – with or without major support!


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