Jode Gannon: “Care Factor Zero” – an ambitious sounding craftsman!

“Care Factor Zero” is a solid EP release for Jode Gannon, and a far cry from his stripped down acoustic, 2016 album,“3 Hours”. Gannon has truly embraced his take on the alt-rock/indie folk scene, his knack for storytelling is evident in each track. “Care Factor Zero” is an enjoyable listen whether you’ve heard of Jode Gannon or not, or if you simply enjoy pumping some powerful indie-rock through your speakers; and even if you’ve heard of him, this is a new, fully fleshed out version of Gannon music, so you’ll be new to it anyway.

Jode Gannon is a troubadour that enjoys his craft – weaving folk, soul, blues, pop and alt-rock influences into an easily appreciated indie message; it’s not difficult to see his appeal. The bluesy pop “Little Honey” quickly makes its first statement and establishes Gannon’s new found artistry from the get-go, presenting him as a gritty, invested, and ambitious sounding craftsman.

Couple Gannon’s driving artistic ambition with that which he sings of and the first impression is a solid punch, whether it’s a knockout or not. Arguably, the EP’s second statement is even more intriguing on “Don’t Blame Me”, a natural segue.

“Don’t Blame Me” benefits from more direct, confrontational driven songwriting, which speaks on relationships from one end of the stick to another. The balance of this particular song is impressive because Gannon manages to “have his cake and eat it too” by diving deeper yet maintaining a connection.

The one simple line: “I gave you everything that I had to let you go”, will give you the gist of the song’s core, and the story of a good relationship gone…very bad. “Don’t bring your worries on me, just leave me alone.” Gannon is in his vocal element here, his gravelly voice roaring and soaring above a rich piano-driven beat, supported by a warm blanket of strings. This is definitely single material.

“The Way It Goes” caps off the compelling listening stretch, finding Gannon continuing to pour out his soul with incredible authenticity. His vocal poise on the verses is contrasted by the ‘going for it’ forward motion of the musical arrangement and the heartfelt vocoder-soaked refrain.

The up-tempo track could survive on its groove alone, not to mention the feisty, high-energy vocals from Gannon. The approach definitely fits the rest of this artistically aggressive record.

Ultimately, Jode Gannon checks most of the boxes on “Care Factor Zero”. He has a sensational voice, he has unquestionable passion, and no matter what the material, his potential shines through. Gannon is able to match fire with fire, both lyrically and vocally, from the first note of the EP until the very last.

He is treading totally new ground here compared to “3 Hours”, and these pieces are just too good to resist – it’s clear that Jode Gannon has plenty to offer.



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