Fenix: “All Around The World” ft. Chris Casino – an undulating pop beat!

Alexander Mamonov rose through the sporting ranks in his home country of Russia, eventually landing squarely in Russia’s Youth Olympic volleyball team.  A self-professed hip-hop and classic rock enthusiast, Manomov had a strong attraction towards music and was quickly drawn into the electronic sphere after frequenting the Moscow club scene. In 2004 his moniker DJ Fenix started off his career and began sharpening his skills and building his network. A collaboration with the UK dance duo led to his debut single “I Believe” which achieved mainstream success in various countries, including the U.S., Australia, Germany and the UK.

Fenix’s career was on a roll and soon he was sharing the stage with artists such as David Guetta and Bob Sinclair, as well as being the first EDM artist to perform at the Kremlin. Fenix went on to win a Musicbox Award as Best DJ and also signed with the USA’s independent dance music label Carrillo Music.

The trend of releasing successful singles continued with “Satellite” featuring RCA recording artist, Frankie which was Fenix’s second single release on Carrillo Music.

Anticipating the upcoming summer season Fenix has called up American rapper Chris Casino on his latest pop and future house crossover track “All Around The World”, as he continues his quest for EDM domination. The track channels the future house bent with an undulating pop beat and clean percussive elements. The bright, reverberant synths and slick vocal effects keep it all in line with a signature summer anthem sound.

“All Around The World” contains the essential ingredients of a pop confection. The sun-soaked production, anchored by Fenix, represents a jab into the shoulder of mainstream American pop music, by a Russian maestro who’s already perfected his craft.

Fenix has already proven his production mettle; his appetite for crowd-pleasing synth lines and scorching percussion is well-documented, as is his penchant for pummeling his audience with verse-chorus pop calisthenics. Clearly “All Around The World” has a certain set of goals in its sights, and Fenix alongside Chris Casino resoundingly achieves these goals.

“All Around The World” sticks closely to a winning production formula: pull back at the right times, slam your foot on the gas when the listener is craving for an explosion, and let a more-than-capable vocalist shine in the foreground.

I said closely, because Fenix replaces the more-than-capable vocalist with an excellent rapper instead. The result, to reiterate, is that Fenix has a banging anthem ready for the summer and a potential hit on his hands.


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