The APX – “I’m In Love” (Evelyn Champagne King Remix) – An Authentic Reworking!

In honor of the legendary producer Kashif, who passed away, The APX recreated the Evelyn “Champagne” King classic “I’m In Love”. Forget American Idol, Evelyn “Champagne” King was discovered, as legend has it, singing while working as a janitor and wound up one of the late 70’s most renowned Cinderella tales. The then 17 year old songstress had the advantage of coming along during a time where there were boatloads of songwriters, producers and musicians with a lot of fresh and innovative ideas to suit her strong voice and spunky youthful persona.

Now many of us have already been acquainted with Evelyn King’s singing but especially for her age you won’t find much chirpiness here vocally: her singing style is rangy, husky and strong. Not only that but she caught right onto a musical movement at the very time it was just starting to break through and in her case that was lucky because at the time it almost guaranteed big time commercial and creative success.

It was 1977 and with Saturday Night Fever deep in the public consciousness there was this new dance music out there: people called it disco but it was actually a fast paced, 4/4 beat oriented orchestral funk based dance sound, based on Philly soul.

The APX recreates that sound with all the modern electronic wizardry at their disposal, but they do it authentically without distorting from the original, as more than just an outright remix, this a tribute, hence The APX proceed on their reworking with all the respect necessary. Something many of our current remixers do not even consider while they cut and twist our classics into unrecognizable bars simply to hang their beats on.

Thankfully The APX is cut from a different cloth, showing a deep respect for the music they cover and/or remix. This is true not only of their musical arrangements but also in their vocal interpretations. “I’m in Love (The APX Remix)” showcases all these qualities and more.

The duo has also been putting out live renditions of their remixes to demonstrate what our future live shows will be like. The live videos turned out to be a hit, and have helped The APX grow their fan base. They’ve received love from big names like Teddy Riley, Dave 1 of Chromeo, Alex Frankel of Holy Ghost, Nick Littlemore of Empire Of The Sun, Dam Funk, Native Instruments and more.

Taking its name from their highly successful private event band ‘The After Party Experience’, The Atlanta-based husband/wife duo, Dee and Erika Rhodes who make up ‘The APX’, creates an electronic atmosphere infused with multiple synths, sax and vocals.

Their sound is a blend Nu-disco, Electro Funk and Synth Wave. With their debut E.P. set to be released later on in 2017, Dee and Erika Rhodes’ mission is to crossover the 80s culture and fuse it into the new era. In the meantime they have also released an original single – “Capture The Moment”


Live Home Studio Remix Videos:

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