John-Marc Lucid: “Hustle” – trademark exuberance and lyrical agility!

Texas, USA based Dancehall and Reggae artist John-Marc Lucid originally stood out for his savvy fusions, blending reggae roots with mainstream US styles and slang. Over his releases, that innovation has settled into a clear-cut ear worming formula. You can say this for Lucid; he is a capable dancehall lyricist with a penchant for energetic, club-invading anthems that celebrate the form and fecundity of the female. At the same time, he is arguably one of the best underground ambassadors of these Jamaican styled riddims.

On his latest release, the lively Hustle”, John-Marc Lucid’s limitless energy carries him through the track, helping him maneuver over every flashy verse that comes his way. Lucid is a force to be reckoned with.

John-Marc Lucid splutters his lavishly produced rhymes over a driven beat by Mafia the Viper as if it were a delicate floral fragrance that is splayed across a pair of silken breasts. Some artists have vocal ability, some have excellent writing skills, but John-Marc is a triple threat because he has one more thing – style.

I’m not talking about how he looks, although he looks fabulous (all the ladies co-sign). I’m talking about how he carves his vocals into the music. Sure, you hear the sound, you hear the vocals, but part of John-Marc Lucid’s music is the JML sound.

With songs like “Hustle”, you will experience all types of feelings and different kinds of energy when you bump this in your system. Ladies love him because he’s fine, guys dig him because he’s cool, and we all love him because he’s talented.  It’s decidedly and relentlessly upbeat, as Lucid manages to buoy the record with his trademark exuberance and lyrical agility.

“Hustle” represents another bold new step in John-Marc Lucid’s evolution as a creative artist. And the diehards who choose to remain loyal, as well as new fans, are in for a spry, mercurial ride.

The upcoming star makes it abundantly clear that he is busy exploring new dimensions of his musical persona. The look and feel of the single cover in particular, suggests that this is John-Marc Lucid’s 2.0, a man in the throes of some kind of artistic rebirth.

Though this is still the same John-Marc Lucid who is known to meld audacious dancehall riddims with a pop-dance club flair while exploring an affinity for women and the good life!


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