Icielani: “Your into Me”- is a true step up from her previous releases!

Canadian songstress Icielani is back with her brand new single, “Your into Me”, which is without a doubt one of the singer’s best tracks to date. The song is taken from her upcoming album ‘Daydreams are Reality’ to be released June 1st, 2017. The song sound much more personal and believable, and the music is well produced. Everything sounds original and without flaw. Although commercial R&B is deep in the throes of a love affair with dance-pop, on this track Icielani returns to the sort of sweet, earnest R&B-pop crossover that is comfortable and warm, inviting you to wallow in its gentle but sensual pleasures.

The slick production work and finally a more passionate yet laid-back vocal from Icielani, remind us why we like to listen to her. “Your into Me” then brings more of these intricate production elements accompanying narrative lyrics and a sing along melody.

This track delivers exactly what Icielani has explicitly intended time and time again that she wanted to deliver this time around: real music, music for the soul. The track is a result of growing up around music, her love for all genres of music and never being placed into a single box as an artist.

Overall, “Your into Me” is a true step up from her previous releases. Icielani continues to grow and explore various genres and add her own special twist to them. This is one of the many reasons why we love her. Icielani’s transformation from her early days as a promising starlet is nothing less than extraordinary.

Her evolution is akin to a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly.  She is fearless when it comes to giving her fans a variety of sounds and this track is another perfect example of that. On this, her latest studio recording, Icielani still rocks our souls with candid lyrics and transcendent soundscape. But, this time around, she’s elevated to another level.  This is her grand opus.

She is raw and transparent, unafraid to reveal her reality.  Never one to be what others want her to be, Icielani defines herself with no apologies through her music.  Her ability to transition from upbeat pop dance songs to the slow emotional R&B balladeering we hear on “Your into Me”, is a unique dynamic of her artistry. Her vocal which have grown more confident reflect the strength she has been steadily discovering within herself.

 Icielani has broken down the wall that may have hindered her growth as an artist. There comes a time when an artist has to be bolder and push their limits further. Complacency is an enemy of creativity. This track is an example of Icielani venturing into new frontier.

Music aficionados will be able to appreciate the musicality and quality that has been injected into this track. No-one else but only Icielani can define herself as an artist, and it seems she has much she wants to add to that definition!


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