Hirak Hemant Bhattarai: “A New Hope” – both challenging and interesting

Hirak Hemant Bhattarai is a music student at the JMC Academy in Sidney (AUS), affiliated with the Berklee College of Music (US). Hirak is a soul singer and songwriter who also produces electronic music. He recently released his 3 track single entitled “A New Hope” made up of Electro-Chill Instrumentals. This is where Hirak is at his very best, creating sonic soundscapes that allow you to be taken to a place where you want to go to devoid of your worldly cares, where mood and relaxation are the key components. The sounds here make for a full spectrum multisensory experience par excellence.

Hirak Hemant Bhattarai
Hirak Hemant Bhattarai

Hirak seems to have a knack for coming up just with the right combination of melody, beats and ear candy. An interesting mix of instrumentals based around a thumping bass, colorful synths, sequenced drums and percussion with occasional ambient choral vocal.

But he is also capable of infusing a good helping of strings and horns into his smooth soundscapes, something he does with a sense of nonchalance on “Chill Chikaan”, a track that has attracted a fair amount of attention from fans.

The opening and title track, “A New Hope” could be listened to at the beginning of every morning, exploring the space in your mind that will set a positive tone for the day. In a certain sense the uplifting song contains a story (concocted in your own mind) of the promise of the coming age in ethereal, beautiful music that focuses the mind, spirit and body on peace, calming action and future growth…at least that was what came to my mind!

Hirak’s smooth and luscious soundscapes loaded with very hip rhythms and beats seem to magnify one’s emotional feelings with positivity and blissfulness. If you’re in the mood to chill, this is the mini-set for you. Often the electro-chill genres can sound monotonous – you know, the same beat, the same rhythm, the same sound.

But here on “A New Hope”, every song has something new, different, and exciting to offer. “The Cho-Chorus-Rus” for example, strongly resembles a motion picture theme, and has some interesting transitions, that weave their way between passages of light and dark.

Under Hirak Hemant Bhattarai’s deft and perceptive hand, these songs end up being challenging and interesting, as well as superbly relaxing. Selecting and combining such marvelous sonic elements into a seamless whole deserves a five star recommendation on its own but, what carries this 3-song single through is its sheer quality: just about every cut is a winner.


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