LyriczMuzic: “Notebook” is incredibly intentional and focused by design

LyriczMuzic is a Hip-Hop Artist/Producer out of Albuquerque, NM. He has been making music for a number of years and he says his message has always been Peace Love & Music. “I consider myself to be a very versatile artist that goes through several phases of emotion when it comes to each track. I take my time and am careful with what I put out,” says LyriczMuzic, continuing “I write, mix, and master all of my tracks and love each and every minute of it. My goals are to help my city and our community, and bring change to the world one pair of ears at a time.” Something very interesting happened to LyriczMuzic since his previous releases: he found an even stronger focus for his narrative.

Being an independent artist he doesn’t suffer from the weight of expectations on every new song waiting to be dropped. The young Albuquerque rapper’s shoulders and style falls between the nostalgia of the golden age of hip-hop and a knack for articulating his own story in his own way.

“Notebook” produced by BeatJoven proves that in no uncertain fashion, a track which fully engages with the strange and troubled world we find ourselves in of late. Like many of his peers, LyriczMuzic has been energized by current events and there’s a lot of anger and ire in the lyrical wash here, though never in an intimidating war.

LyriczMuzic prefers to articulate rather than simply remonstrate. Hence he reveals factual examples of what his talking about, including his own upbringing and personal experiences in that sense.

“Notebook” doesn’t spare the rod, working up a fine head of steam set against that LyriczMuzic brew of soulful, but edgy modern production and a set of throwback musical colors. Many will be re-evaluating what LyriczMuzic is capable of doing on the back on this release, and it sounds as if he’s just getting started.

There is a fiery approach to this recording that can be seen by its cover art and the title of the project. This track is incredibly intentional and focused by design. “Notebook” produced by BeatJoven, provides us with a precise and intentional lyrical theme from LyriczMuzic.

This is not a showcase of lyrical dexterity just for the sake of displaying his wordplay, but an inside look at our decaying society. There is a weight and level of meaning behind this song that people sorely need to hear right now.


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