Samantha Leon: “Bright Yellow Shoes” an easygoing, confident style

Many entertainers want to make their presence as intense as possible to an appreciative audience. Samantha Leon captures everyone’s attention simply by just being her subtle talented self. Her manner is reserved and she is both singer and musician during her performances, solidly concentrating on creating perfection in her music without drawing attention to herself. What sounds like a pure and honest girl at heart, her audiences are rewarded with a sophisticate, unobtrusive blend of Folk, Pop and Soul, which possesses creative harmonic accompaniment. Samantha’s every song is an ulterior motif towards obtaining perfection, without being pretentious or over-elaborated.

Most notable about her latest single “Bright Yellow Shoes” is Samantha Leon’s easygoing, confident style as she creates a romantic portrait of a pondered relationship in all of its facets. The song is an example of how Samantha sings about the beauty of ordinary things so well.

On this track she does what music is supposed to do, cut out the world and just listen to her voice, her words and her music. Add that to the fact that she has a comforting voice which could be listened to for hours on end and you have the perfect elements for addiction.

“Bright Yellow Shoes” has an understated feel to it, which really helps make this a very personal affair- though different in style, it has very much the feeling you get from singer songwriters like James Taylor or Ani Difranco. This feeling is aided by the sparse instrumentation – a guitar, strings, bass and drums, Samantha’s superb sultry vocals, and little else.

What’s neat, too, is that this composition tip-toe’s around many musical conventions, yet it retains an incredibly comfortable and cozy atmosphere, and the whole vibe is very relaxing.

Sounding remarkably assured from the first note, Samantha Leon proves herself capable of breathing new life into a familiar organic sounding format. Technically skilled, but content never to oversell a song, Samantha makes for immediately pleasant company, as she lets the emotional richness of her material reveal itself across repeat listens.

Leon has that special something in her voice. The way it portrays a very soul-like essence is something that easily draws you in.

Not being an avid listener of Samantha Leon, this is my first experience, and it was a very positive one. “Bright Yellow Shoes” is one of those listening experiences that is just generally relaxing. It isn’t hard to get into, it boosts a positive sound, and it’s really consistent.

The track feels natural, and Samantha Leon seems very comfortable when she sings. In honesty, and in Samantha’s case, this track makes her sounds like the woman of the hour.

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