Children of Eden Keep the Punk Legacy Going

Children of Eden is a punk rock collective from the Whittier area of LA County. Our shows are more shows rather than only performing the music. The band is made up of Mike the singer, Chris the guitarist, Felix the bassist and Adrian the drummer, all of whom are able to sing. The band has a demo called “Garden Variety Vol. 1” and an EP called “Headcount” available everywhere music is sold and streamed. They have also just released 3 new singles off their first full length album out this summer called “Say Goodbye To Vegas Nights”.

Just as punk will never die, neither will its all-stars. The Clash and The Ramones may be consigned to the annuls of time as far as active bands are concerned, but their influence still seeps down through the genre’s current crop. But in terms of the old guard who are still alive and kicking, that statement is even more true – their output may not reach the heady heights of their most lauded releases, but the albums keep being pumped out regardless.

Then there are the new breeds such as Children of Eden who kind of keep the legacy going. While their status as irreverent punk figureheads has still to become fleshed among the younger acts following the same path, these LA County punk-rockers seem like a go-to act for conscious genre lovers.

At any rate, on these brand new singles the band is essentially being something more than just a punk band, as they forge some hard hitting rock overtones, rattling through a collection of snide punk-rock  jams that’s pretty much as enjoyable as anything in the genre today. From “The Strain”, to “Stop” and “Fatal Attraction” the band pumps out conscious, entertaining jams thick and fast with zero pretentiousness.

The band plays with chords and riffs bouncing off of the dark and powerfully delivered lyrics. Each track delivers a crafty melody with driven rhythms, displaying some appreciated musicianship from all members of the band.

What quickly becomes apparent when listening to these tracks is how structured and varied the band’s output is. Though the scrappy rawness associated with great punk rock bands runs through the core of their output, these songs show off a band that is focused and musically competent.

In its truest form, Punk Rock was a snotty-nosed angry kid who was kicking and giving the bloody finger to the man. Now having been forced to meld itself somewhat into the music industry’s traction of compliance, Punk Rock has broken its subsidiary into multiple junctures, yet somewhere between these lines comes bands like Children of Eden.

Regardless, if your tastes are any way Punk-inclined you should listen to these songs from the upcoming album. Children of Eden has somehow managed to perfect their formula whilst pushing just about all of the musical boundaries they’ve built for themselves.

These songs are wonderfully unabashed, brutally honest, and have a frenzied sound that just keeps giving. It’s beautifully crafted Punk Rock, and if that sounds like an oxymoron, then you should probably stick it on right now while you’re reading!

“The Strain” can be downloaded from  ITUNES while “Fatal Attraction” can be streamed on SPOTIFY


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