SharaLee: “You Can’t Stop Me” – a perfect fusion of words, music and vocal expression

SharaLee is a Canadian Soul singer and songwriter. She grew up in a musical family and made her first appearance on the church stage at the age of five, with her mother accompanying her in harmony.  Eventually SharaLee got to do several cover demo albums and a trip to Nashville to meet with industry professionals.  She eventually found her voice in writing, singing and recording, penning her first album “Postcards”.  An international tour was planned but due to unforeseen legal problems, it was cancelled before the album was completed. In the Spring of 2015, SharaLee would then team up with songwriter/producer Mark Zubek (Grammy-winner Betty Carter) and co-wrote her single “Together Again”.  The track won an Akademia Award for Best R&B/Soul song and was considered for an Etta James Biopic.

SharaLee took the following year to study in a music licensing mentorship to learn how to create and license songs for commercials, TV and Films. Lyrically, her latest single, “You Can’t Stop Me”, reminds listeners that no matter what anyone says, you have the power to do great things.

SharaLee is among the genuinely incomparable underground artists and performers to touch those fortunate enough to enjoy, appreciate and be moved by them. Her body of work is growing, progressing and demonstrating increasing diversity, but is uniformly unique among vocal talent and singer/songwriters today.

SharaLee is indeed mature, and her work and her delivery reflect a life lived through and at times in triumph over adversity, together with genuine reflection upon her experiences, feelings and thoughts. Her work also reflects depth and radiates soulful, wrenching and original interpretation, as is the case with “You Can’t Stop Me”.

Her voice has echoes of other powerful singers from the past but is in no way imitative, with a bone-chilling vibrato reminiscent of the intense yet tightly-controlled shake of an electric six-string. This is a lady who seems to have put a lot of miles – physically, spiritually and emotionally – in this latest song, and has learned how to express it all in a perfect fusion of words, music and vocal expression.

SharaLee offers up song here, that is honestly, a joy to experience; and, as others have observed, demonstrate her capacity to bring great emotion in response. In short, she does what an artist at her best is capable of doing in interaction with an audience, and she does it with a style and richness in her art that can leave the listener experiencing a certain level of uplifting self-empowerment.


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