Brightlife Music Presents: Gee Kazz & Young Moses: “Ballers Ave”

Brightlife Music Presents: Gee Kazz & Young Moses with their brand new single “Ballers Ave” produced by Multi-Platinum and Grammy Award Winners, Rance 1500 or Notting. The track is flavored by the vocal deliveries laid down by Nigerian artist Gee Kazz, while Young Moses a California native artist brings the West Coast influence.  The track was mixed by Caserta and Mastered by John Benjamin under the supervision of Executive Producer LA Bright Enabulele.

One good thing to come from capitalism is rap music, and into the lineage of the art form’s greatest moguls—Master P, Puff Daddy, Jay Z, and the list just keeps growing with rappers who are not tycoons just yet, but are learning to exploit the current economics of rap better than anyone who routinely steps into a booth. Rap music long ago turned into a sport that rewards constant productivity. And you don’t have to be major either.

Artists like Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne put their songs out for free, hoping to parlay any gathering momentum. In the meantime someone like Kevin Gates—made money through features and by playing shows to fans that may have been a niche concern to executives in corner offices, but who were nonetheless loud, proud, and happy to support music they loved.

The cash was there for rappers, who were good and savvy enough, but the process was inefficient, and it helped nudge rap music back to the outer edges of pop culture. That’s where rappers like Gee Kazz & Young Moses come into play and have every chance of finding their lane, not because they’re renowned business men, but because they own the prime material essential to break into the game – lively and engaging music, with high quality production and full on competent rapping that feels consciously animated.  These are the qualities that move numbers.

There is striking imagery throughout the track, little phrases that stick in your head even after the song plays itself off. Stylistically, the lyrics play through the money-fueled, glorified excess of a trap lifestyle with some self-aware introspection for good measure. Gee Kazz & Young Moses sound awake and energetic with a style that will resonate with listeners and allow them to carve out a personal niche in the hip-hop genre.


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