Tasos Petsas: “Mother of mine (Anna)”

Tasos Petsas is a new creator of electronic music. Apart from being a Graduate of The Athens Faculty of Law with a post graduate degree in the Civil Law, he has also studied Music and Phonetics. In 2015 Petsas independently released the track “Mother Of Mine (Anna)” which was composed in 1992. It’s the track his mother, “Anna”, used to like listening to him playing on the synthesizer. Unfortunately in April 2013 his mother passed away after suffering from breast cancer.

Petsas then decided to rearrange the track, including some electronic effects and dedicating it to her memory by giving it the title “Mother Of Mine (Anna)” since she was so fond of it.

The public’s reaction was very positive. The track reached the #1 spot on the Greek Billboard, staying in the Top-10 for 23 weeks and also entered the Euro-200, Great Britain, Hong Kong and Japanese charts.

The videoclip of the song realized by its creator with microfilm collected by his father from the ’70s, can be seen at the following link (https://youtu.be/qk0Gyw21LP4)

In 2017 a Deep House Version of the track has been released, which gives the melody a dynamic sound symbolizing the struggle that every sick woman has to go through in an attempt to survive cancer.

The remix reached the #1 spot on the Greek iTunes & Google Play for Singles, and entered the Euro-200 at #174 and stayed there for 9 weeks (https://youtu.be/-QgkbcmQRes)

Tasos Petsas’ first album is called “Heart Of Mine (Anna)” and was released digitally and physically in a limited edition vinyl cd by the Greek Record Label F.M. Records.

The album includes a trip hop opera song called “Angel Of Mine”, which was composed by Tasos and co-produced by Giorgos Lazarou (Aural Fragment).

On the track he can be heard singing with Manja Vlachogianni, a classical crossover lyric soprano and actress. The song reached the #1 spot on the Greek Digital Singles and also entered the Euro-200 and stayed there for 5 weeks. The video of the song is a very beautiful Christmas animated videoclip (https://youtu.be/Ao7GV79lGSI)

For further information about the artist please visit : FACEBOOKYOUTUBE

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