Hennessy Jones: “Enter The Mind” an all-embracing poetic atmosphere

Hennessy Jones is a songwriter/recording artist signed to the Tribe Eternal Music Group, and a member of the Hip Hop group ‘The H&T (Heroes & Terrorists)’ based out of Pittsburgh, PA. “Enter The Mind” is the title of his debut project which contains 13 tracks serving as a gateway into the artist’s mind and soul. When people mention that an album “grew” on them, and you never really understood what they were saying, now is your chance to understand that statement. The first time you listen to “Enter The Mind” you won’t be blown away because there are no immediate club bangers or catchy commercial pop beats.

When you give it a second listen however, you will be blown away by the all-embracing poetic atmosphere of the album. You’ll realize this isn’t trashy hip-hop. Its passion, skill, beauty, intelligence, and love in a single package. This album is for the mature hip-hop head.

It is for the open-minded thinker who enjoys quality music that will last forever, and won’t fade away by the following season.  This is an amazing album of conscious awareness that blends the raw sounds of urban experiences with sophisticated jazz and soul sounds.

Unlike most hip-hop artists, Hennessy Jones has obviously ridden a course of artistic and personal development that is reflected in his work. But unlike the disingenuous, profit-motivated metamorphoses of most of today’s artists, Jones’ developmental trajectory mirrors his acquired lyrical and musical skill.

One of the beautiful things about this recording is that we can see how Jones has developed a more mature understanding of himself and the world around him. He is now looking at the world through intensely observant eyes.

And his observations are brought to the fore on standout tracks such as “Concepts” ft. Elluna & Kirsin, “Blessed” ft. Luxo & Monae Miller, “Human Being” ft. Elluna & Luxo, “The Message” ft. Bilal Abbey, “Break The Hold” and “Mental Silhouette” ft. Brendan M. Listening to these songs you get the impression that this could easily become one of your favorite albums.

Now for those not in the know, a favorite album isn’t necessarily the best album in your collection. A favorite album is the one that you wrap yourself in when you’re feeling happy, sad, angry, lonely, or nostalgic. A favorite album is the one that you feel personally connected to in ways that are difficult to explain. “Enter The Mind” has all the necessary elements and requisites to become that album.

Breaking away from punchline-heavy rhymes packed with pop-culture references. Hennessy Jones has embarked on a musical, emotional, and intellectual evolution that on this recording has yielded some of the most thoughtful music in his catalog. “Enter The Mind” provides a vivid, well-rounded portrait of a complex man whose soul-searching and pursuit of truth never gets in the way of making great music.


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