Jubril-Art: “The Reason” speaks life!

Born in Benin City, Nigeria, Jubril-Art now lives in Orset town in Essex, England, with his wife Iyobosa Osunde and their children. He’s been singing since his youth and been a faithful member of KICC ministries since 1998 where he is also an active member of their music ministry. Ten years ago he sank into a dark depression when he was diagnosed with a kidney condition and given only three years to live. Jubril-Art recalls, “I had a bout of depression, in full realization that I was about to lose the most precious thing I had; my life. I needed faith, to believe in Him who is greater than I am. I chose life through the grace of Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit. I am now not only conquering, but also thriving. My testimony and gratitude is expressed the only way I know how, through my music.”

Jubril-Art has been working on his debut album for over two years with Netherlands based Ace music producer and music consultant Precious Obimdi, which will be released soon. In the meantime Heaven’s Melodies and Mush Music proudly present his lead single “The Reason”, taken from the aforementioned album. I knew this track was going to be great, after watching an interview with Jubril-Art.

This song will bless you. You will celebrate, be encouraged, dance and worship. The song is a trailblazer for the gospel music industry. This project is well-rounded, with the revival of the classic along with the unique sound that God has blessed Jubril-Art and his production crew to herald.

“The Reason” speaks life, delivering music that will change and transform your spirit, soul, mind and body, giving you a new outlook on your existence. This is much of what happened to Jubril-Art during and after his illness. So he is not envisioning some concocted fantasy, but exactly what he has lived through.

Making his words not only relatable but authentic. Jubril-Art’s love for the Presence of God produces an atmosphere that will help you come into His presence yourself.  You too will be uplifted, inspired and revived by his message of the power of faith.

Jubril-Art’s is among the crop of male gospel singers who croon rather than shout their praises aloft. His latest project is as good a demonstration as any of his growing class as a singer and songwriter of serious note.

His conventional rhythm-and-praise style with uncomplicated melodies and plenty of vocal interaction between himself and the background vocalists, works marvelously. “The Reason” offers solid singing and musicianship, demonstrating a panoply of emotions as it passes through its verses and choruses.

Truth be told though that no man can lead you into His presence, as God requires your own personal desire in your hearts for Him, as He cannot be forced on anybody. So Jubril-Art sets the atmosphere and tone….the outcome, however, is up to you.

You can follow Jubril-Art across his social media platforms Facebook@jubrilarto, Twitter@Jubril0013, Instagram@Jubrilarto and subscribe directly to his mailing list from his website www.jubril.co.uk

“The Reason” can be streamed and downloaded via iTunes

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