Rev Peter Unger: “Grace Filled Man” – a sense of peace and serenity

Within the title itself, “Grace Filled Man”, there is a sense of peace, serenity, and meditation in the deep spirit. Rev Peter Unger’s smooth and gentle delivery of the message of God completes the ultimate worship experience. With humility and absolute conviction in God’s dream, Unger draws the spirits of listeners closer to the heart of God and to the experience of the amazing dream of heaven. Rev Peter Unger has become known for his infectious acoustic-driven gospel, country and folk music as well as inspirational lyrics.

Now, he releases he latest single, “Grace Filled Man”. While long time Unger rice fans will thoroughly enjoy this song, new fans should pick this one up as an introduction to a simple, yet charismatic contemporary Christian storyteller. Unger has always been known for his sweet, witty, and insightful lyrics, and he does not disappoint on this track.

Rev Peter Unger
Rev Peter Unger

Rev Peter Unger recounts the sentiments of trying to be all the things you think people want you to be, yet it never seems enough. The song really tells us to be what we are, without hiding behind masquerades or pretending to be someone or something else.

It lets us know that more than anything else, we just need to show the world the love of Christ, and our real essence will come shining through above all else. Surpassing all our insecurities and overshadowing our faults.

Rev Peter Unger’s latest is a nicely paced, soft and moving recording that takes just one listen to get into. Unger gets to the bottom of the matter as he is very good at describing things and the music is easy but beautiful for singing along to.

The single hits the ground running with a simple hook that you will find yourself quickly humming to until you learn the words. Then it will have you tapping your foot with its forward moving drive and its changes in cadence.

“Grace Filled Man” is definitely a track you will want to have in your collection for your own personal devotions. If you are a fan of Rev Peter Unger, this will be without a doubt one of your new favorites!


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