Timbr’a: “Like Kites” – its allure stems from its beauty and consistency

Dominique Timbra-Joy Poulos aka TIMBR’A (pronounced Tim bre a) was born in Houston, Texas to Timothy and Gail Poulos. By the time she was four years old, Dominique had already shown her love for music and  over the years, as her commitment grew stronger so did her voice. Timbr’a began performing at family and church functions, then at school where she realized she wanted to be a rounded performer by learning dance and theatre. In middle school, she opted to take the theatre arts elective and soon won the Best Actress award over all middle schools in the district. During high school she broadened her dancing skills. To better her craft, she also took vocal lessons from Tom Kinney, renowned vocal coach.

To complete her dreams, Timbr’a moved from her home in Houston to New York City where she teamed up with her manager Alegna McKelvin at Reussite Entertainment LLC. At 16, she attended a performing arts school in downtown Manhattan, majoring in musical theatre, and under the instruction of Robin Dunn, Timbr’a danced at world famous Alvin Ailey Dance School and Steps on Broadway. She also started working with Vocal coach Troy Randel, to fine tune her vocals skills. Now 19 and living in Orlando Florida, Timbr’a is working on her EP and has just released the single “Like Kites” written by Liana Banks.

“Like Kites” isn’t attempting to be a stablemate of innovation, rather more, it has a sweetly elaborate, all-encompassing concept; its allure stems from its beauty and consistency – with each and every verse, bridge and chorus, seamlessly passing the baton to the next, without any significant dip in momentum.

A personal awakening, a love epiphany and an emotional precipice: if you’re lucky, you’ll arrive at those milestones one at a time. But if these seismic core shifts happen simultaneously they will leave you reeling. If you can relate to that sentiment, then open your music changer and ready your iPod for the testimony of Timbr’a, because she is about to take you all the way home with her single, “Like Kites”.

Timbr’a emotes with the spirit of a self-assured girl experiencing a euphoric crush, as the infectious slow-burning beat drives the song, tailor-made for midnight radio playlists. Her vocals – poignant, delicate and heavenly – truly are the star of the show.

With a declaration of confident femininity, Timbr’a sounds like a well-rounded artist that has overcome music industry stereotypes. Without ranting and raving, she forces you to stand up and pay attention to her. Timbr’a is one of those wonderful, unassuming singers that you can’t help but to root for. This is the first time I have listened to her, but will definitely be keeping an eye out for her upcoming EP.


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