Phillip Broussard: “Just Wanna Believe” – as comfortable as it is intriguing

Born and raised in Washington State Phillip Broussard grew up under the influence of several artists that his father idolized. Including Pink Floyd, James Taylor, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton. Phillip discovered his passion early in life when his father brought home a guitar with the intention to play it himself, but he soon found Phillip picking up the instrument when he didn’t think anyone was watching, thus igniting a passion to share with the world. Tragedy struck at 18 years old when Phillip’s father passed away. He subsequently enlisted in the United States Navy in an attempt to quell his grief.  Early on in his naval career someone handed Phillip John Mayer’s cd “Room for Squares”. This album reignited Phillip’s passion for the guitar.

After his time in the military and being deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, Phillip sporadically played gigs in the San Diego area. He then relocated to Washington State where he completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Washington in Seattle, and acquired a BA in Finance from Foster School of Business. When Phillip is not playing music he earns a living as the owner of a general contracting business in Pierce County Washington.

Phillip Broussard has recently dropped the single, “Just Wanna Believe”, taken from his forthcoming EP due out in November. In this track, Phillip showcases his skills as a nuanced songwriter, lyricist, and guitarist. The track portrays a bluesy, country, rock and folk crossover personality that reveals introspective navel-gazing, perhaps expected of an artist with a heartfelt story to tell.

Totally stripped down to an acoustic guitar and vocals, this track is full of vulnerability, honesty, and an approachable sensibility that makes it as comfortable as it is intriguing. “Just Wanna Believe” may be a simple love song, but certainly is a standout, with its heart-warming lyrics and perfectly strummed guitar.

Phillip Broussard sounds at his best playing a song anyone who knows a thing or two about a guitar can pick up and play along to. That makes the track both relatable – due to the lyrics – and interactive due to the music.

Translated – a simple stripped down tune such as “Just Wanna Believe” will certainly have a more enduring shelf-life because it. There’s not a glitch in the voice either. Phillip has nice range and full control of his vocals, and it’s going to be fun to watch him develop them in the upcoming EP.

I think that through this song, Phillip is letting us know that he has matured musically. The musicianship in the track is precise without Phillip needing to show off an unnecessary ability to play any super complicated arrangement. It sounds like his guitar work is probably based on the rule that if it doesn’t help the song sound better then don’t do it.

At the same time Phillip clearly has a desire to be in a long term relationship with the one he loves, as the words to “Just Wanna Believe” relay that message. The more I listen to this track the more I want to listen to it. Meaningful lyrics, and a well-rounded voice, coupled with first class guitar work make this track a keeper for sure.


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