Fiasco Disaster set to release the album “You.” on November 10, 2017

Originally signed to the DistroKid in 2015, Fiasco Disaster (FD) went on to release via CdBaby through the Fiasco Disaster label. Prior to graduating from college, FD (Dj Flash at time) did a weekly show at Oniks radio in Kharkiv (UKR), and then worked as a local DJ and show manager at the same station. In addition to his original compositions, FD has remixed songs by Modern Talking, Madonna, Moby Matt Darey. FD’s second studio album “You.” releases on November 10, 2017 with the first single “Just Like Fire” was dropped in July. Fiasco Disaster’s second single, a cover, titled “Convulsions,” was released on October 5th. While the music video for “Just Like Fire” also premiered in 2017. FD’s music styles are mostly electronic ambient, and hi-nrg, while his personal music preferences also include disco and electronic, to alternative and heavy metal.

Fiasco Disaster does not simply write songs, he constructs music with use of sound and lyrical imagery. Listen to his use of rhythm structures. In some instances they are dark, intriguing and remarkably electronic or electric, as for example on the single “You”, at other times again, they are organic sounding, as on “Just Like Fire”. His use of sound is staggering. He is continually looking for sounds to incorporate into his music, which is adventurous and pleasing at the same time.

What is also fascinating about Fiasco Disaster is his ability to layer eclectic melodies over his sounds. Here again, on the few songs that I heard, FD comes up with melodies that get stuck in your head and demand re-listening, not because they’re overtly catchy, but because they’re almost disturbing in their hypnotic originality . This is quite a feat, given both the subject matter and the manner in which FD chooses to layer his sounds and melodies.

Though this music will remind you of electronic eras gone by, Fiasco Disaster is not a revival artist as such. Instead he is taking music ideas rooted in other eras, and is producing relevant, interesting and innovative records. “You.” is an example of this artist pushing the envelope that much further.

Yes, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to listen to these tracks without referencing the past, not because these songs are built upon a foundation of nostalgia, but because it feels like the album that not many have been able to make in recent years. Maybe for a lack of trying or a lack of interest, as music trends has taken a different root nowadays.

In any event FD has had the courage to balance the more experimental and ambient aspects of his craft with his pop sensibilities. And what comes up is a shimmering package that sounds positively euphoric despite the few darker sonic moments.

Those who enjoy albums that when listened to from start to finish feel like a cohesive voyage will find themselves drawn in like a sailor to a siren. I’ve only heard a handful of tracks and will anxiously be awaiting the album’s release.


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