16-year-old trap producer Bitrat drops “New Kid Nightmare”

Adrian Yunk aka Bitrat is a 16-year-old trap producer who grew up in the small town of Shawano Wisconsin. Music became his true source of inspiration after listening to artists such as Martin Garrix, Calvin Harris, and Yellow Claw. He created his first track which according to him sounded like “A crappy version of a Mario theme song” not happy with his first he made another and another, until eventually he had his first album. Eventually Bitrat ended up being the youngest act signed to Speedsound REC at the age of 15. An album and multiple singles followed as his fan-base grew. Bitrat has now released the single “New Kid Nightmare”, in anticipation of his sophomore album which is currently in the works.

The formula is there even though they’d never met. Bitrat makes beats with a simple formula in mind, he keeps his productions relatively subtle — simple trap keys dance atop dark, rumbling layers of bass — but with enough percussive bounce and hi-hats to inspire the most animated flows out of whoever takes his tracks on.

This is the flavor his infuses into “New Kid Nightmare”, a beat just waiting to be rhymed over. As trap is infiltrating some of the best R&B and EDM right now, and as Bitrat has a more subtle, careful sound than most trap producers, he has the potential to score ear-catching records with a diverse range of artists, once he manages to hook up with the right people.

The beauty of social media and the internet, as it pertains to the music industry, is that if you have the skills, you can reach and connect with other artists, no matter your background or where you’re from. Hence I wouldn’t be surprised if Bitrat meets a match for his beats real soon.

Collaboration is a fundamental aspect of any young producer’s ongoing process, and music production in general right now. So once Bitrat can make the right connections he can expand his creativity and commercial horizons.

Bitrat who sees himself as a trap expert, is right in the middle of a musical cauldron and should be striking while the genre is piping hot, so to speak. In the meantime he is building an extensive catalog and cutting his teeth with a few other styles as well, as he shifts his focus back and forth across the sonic spectrum working towards the beat that will help him ‘shake up the music industry’!


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