Wicked Empire: “Let’s Blow The Roof Off” – a full on the floor anthem

EDM artist Christopher Dickinson aka Wicked Empire grew up in the small town of Petal, Mississippi. After graduating high school in 2014, he soon joined the US Army. While deployed to the Middle East – in support of Operation Enduring Freedom – he began to focus on his producing career, a passion he has conserved since a young age. Wicked Empire has released a series of singles, including the recent, “Let’s Blow The Roof Off”, available on all major digital download stores.

On the evidence of what can be heard here, Wicked Empire is right at the top of his game as an upcoming producer, and it’s easy to see why he will pull in the crowds. What he provides here is a shot of techno ebb and flow, able to rub shoulders with any full on the floor anthems filling the clubs right now.

Armed with Ableton Live, Fruity Loops, Pioneer XDJ and Novation Launchpad, apparently Wicked Empire put together this composition together while on duty in the Middle East. After years of diligent work, Christopher’s hard work and enthusiasm for the music that he loves so much, pinnacles with this release.

This has to be the most polished, most gorgeous piece of dance music he has ever created. I think if this track was to be played on crystal clear sound system, it would reduce any club to a quivering mess. It’s a big call but I have no doubt that it will happen.

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has really changed the face of pop music, and has become a prominent fixture at the top of the charts. The problem with this is that with so many DJs and producers becoming well known, EDM tracks can quickly become clichéd and generic rather than the original genre it once was.

This seems to be a trap that Wicked Empire has not fallen into with “Let’s Blow The Roof Off”. There is no doubt that this is a pure club track, without any pandering to the mainstream pop peddlers.

There are no tricks, there are no gimmicks, just electronic dance music presented in the best possible way. The result? A powerhouse track of bursting with indie cred and dance appeal, appealing to both the body and soul. With a flurry of glittering, electro-encrusted synth and bass pulsations, you get a devastatingly addictive dancefloor haunt, guaranteed to delight on repeat time and time again.

Wicked Empire’s latest single, “Let’s Blow The Roof Off”, is nothing short of excellence – allowing independent dance music the pulse it never knew it needed, as well as the big label sophistication it has so stubbornly ignored. No matter how you look at it, this is a very strong release from Wicked Empire.


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