Juliett Novak: “Work It Out” – a sense of motivational emotion!

Juliett Novak, is a singer from Slovakia who has dedicated her life to music. She is focused and determined with a strong will to succeed at her craft. Juliett moved to the USA a few years ago with her husband who was studying at Harvard University. Surprisingly the culture switch had a positive effect on her, transforming Juliet into a more expansive and confident person. Classically trained in piano and opera singing, she was introduced to Jazz and has now directed her professional attention towards pop. Since last year Juliett Novak has taken complete control over her musical career.  She writes all her own music and lyrics, produces her own songs, and directs her own videos. Juliett also collaborates with people who share her artistic. As she did with Grammy-nominated producer Arty Skye in New York, while working on her latest single and video release “Work It Out”.

Juliett Novak

“Work It Out”, has been released in two distinct versions. Version 1’ was recorded in New York with Grammy- nominated producer Arty Skye and Juliett used her own story to show others how she enjoys the path to success. “It’s about my daily routine, to wake up early, practice, compose, record, exercise and do everything that is necessary to achieve my dream,” says Juliett.

Featuring luscious instrumentation and some serious attitude in Novak’s vocals, “Work It Out” is a song that will make you drop what you’re doing and pay attention. There’s plenty in the production drawn from a sense of epic scale, as well as a sense of overflowing motivational emotion.

The song also demonstrates Juliett Novak’s ability to manipulate her voice to create striking contrast – there are three vocal sections in this song which sound so distinct that they could just as well be three separate voices singing them. “Work It Out” treads the difficult path between alternative urban music and a solid pop hit.

This is no easy feat, and yet Juliett seemingly has mastered the balance perfectly in this song. She also never allows the track to fall into cliché or melodrama, while providing an impressive balance of accessible melody and stirring soul. It’s a track which manages to sound unique, and yet still be highly accessible to lovers of pop.

This is a spectacularly catchy, propulsive, driving song that showcases some of the best bits of Juliett Novak’s talents – with a swinging beat, her pounding piano echoes above the thumping percussion, as her voice cuts through the arrangement. “Work It Out” crackles with Novak’s intensity of presence and matches up favorably against her peers.

Her voice will command your attention, her lyrics will touch you and the hook will have you singing along instantaneously.  “This song helps me and motives me every day,” says Juliett, “and I firmly believe it will help others find the courage to follow their dreams and achieve their goals!” You could hardly argue with her!


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