Fame: “With Me” entwines uplifting introspection and party storytelling!

Fame aka Fame Hip-Hop was born in NY and raised in New Jersey. He has been rapping for over 10 years, with his latest album “Genius at Heart” currently available on Soundcloud, and his upcoming EP “Plow That Clout” dropping on January 1st. Each one of Fame’s releases is the product of a different mind frame, time period, and sound, each of which is intricately explored and mined for its contradictory elements. While this means that each ensuing project is distinct from the others, it’s also not something you can expect to sum up in a sentence or two. On his past releases, Fame has continued to sharpen his narrative skills, becoming increasingly more adept at showing us every angle of his conscious without muddling the picture. He rarely wastes his time on full linear stories, instead opting for a gallery of vivid snapshots, using his seesawing delivery to convince you.

With a clear mind and a few years’ distance since his debut, Fame is able to view his past and future with newfound context, relating it to his current day-to-day and noticing intricacies that he may not have in the moment. Fame applies this methodical approach to every subject he raps about, and that’s his genius.

Taken from his “Genius at Heart” album, comes the single “With Me” featuring Skinnyfromthe9 X DJ SDot1738 X Bulletproof_Belv. Clearly there’s a lot of extra guests scattered on the single, but everyone actually holds their own without the track sounding like a crowded mess. In fact if I didn’t read the credits first, I wouldn’t even be aware of all the hands on deck.

“With Me” is a record that knows what it wants to be and how to do it efficiently with consistent flow switching in the gritty and banging atmosphere with a song that features rich pianos and synths, a haunting bass that bubbles below the surface, and intense introspection paired with the cinematic beat that will get people jumping.

For decades hip-hop has seen a myriad of artists fleetingly captivate the attention of listeners with promises of longevity, only to fade quickly when their output proves to be, at best, mediocre. Those artists poised to don the crown and galvanize hip-hop have made us hold our collective breaths, but when their music sputters, we’ve learned to exhale.

“With Me” is ready to asphyxiate listeners, as Fame and co. submerge us in a billow of robust rap. The track finds Fame at a lyrical apex as he entwines uplifting introspection and party storytelling to spit tight verses alongside Skinnyfromthe9 X DJ SDot1738 X Bulletproof_Belv. The track doesn’t need to gel by commercial standards to showcase an honest mind who raps his ass off. “With Me” is the kind of cut you put on and then wind up listening to the whole alum without even realizing it.


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