Farrah Mechael: “Farrah Please” a shining debut!

Farrah Mechael’s debut EP entitled “Farrah Please”, was released to all streaming platforms December 21st 2017. While most aspiring singers look towards contemporary artist for inspiration, Farrah found hers in a song from the 1959 animated feature film Sleeping Beauty, called “Once Upon a Dream,” an operatic display of Disney enchantment. This lead to the Detroit native singing jazz and opera in her teen years, before finding her voice in pop music. Currently joining the Digi Tour Spring 2018, you can also see Farrah and her family’s reality series KnotNormal on YouTube. The EP is a solid introduction to audiences, with plenty of wow factor for ears to bathe in.

The distinctive and certainly unique element that strikes out to me with Farrah is her lively, graceful vocals. Infused by plenty of sultriness, it’s heavily boosted with her grace and flair that blends well within the similarly characteristic tracks.

Musically, the songs are very well produced and are mainly colored by the electro palette. The opener “Hard To Breathe” has a captivating, slow lilting rhythm and showcases Farrah’ vocal range in all of it’s emotional splendor. She can really hit those high notes, as she makes your spine tingle in places.

“Desert Sand” is percussively driven with an exotic Middle-Eastern type groove and melody that is just this side of hypnotic musical incense. Using warmer tones and richer harmonies “La La Land” flutters and quivers between subtle emotion and technical bravado, as Farrah flirts her performing chops. Both vocals and instruments flow together flawlessly, creating a really beautiful song.

“I’m Hurt” stands out with its thump and bump rhythm, and it’s almost confrontational vocal delivery.  The instrumentation features a rich and sentimental sounding horn track, which is rather unusual for this genre. “Scream” proves, for one, that Farrah Mechael has the vocal ability to be in the music game, and secondly, to easily be placed on the charts.

This is your typical Top40 stomper, a passionate angst-filled love anthem which will linger in your head for weeks on end. The heartfelt, piano-driven ballad “Farrah Please”, is another one of those enchanting tracks, which is so uniquely infused with an exotic flavor, as to be almost recognized and labelled Farrah’s signature sound. The song grows, blending in a variety of effects that hold the attention with amazing ease.

On the most part, lyrical subject matter within the tracks stick to relationship matters, which may be an indication of where Farrah, and probably most young adult women are in their lives. This will definitely resonate with many in her target audience, as her life experiences, are what inject her lyrics with plenty of relatable substance.

All in all, Farrah Mechael’s EP release “Farrah Please” sounds like a great start to her recording career. And what she delivers here in her shining debut will pack plenty of punch into her resume. Without a shadow of a doubt, “Farrah Please” signals a far more promising outlook for the Detroit singer than arguably any other female artist in her genre right now.



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