Zellwick: “Fool In Love” – permeated by a restless retro energy!

Listening to retro songs can make you relive a moment, a day, an evening, a summer, or even a lifetime. What about if you wrote it? That’s what happened to Zellwick, an ‘unknown music producer’, as he calls himself. A producer who was born in the Caribbean, grew up in France, educated in Germany, expat in Australia, and open-minded by his world travel. Zellwick recently took one of the first songs he wrote in 2002, called “Fool In Love”, and reworked it into 2018. As he veers from explosive electro art-rock and psychedelic dance music, nothing about his artistry feels predictable.

The song is dense, but it’s conventionally structured and streamlined, and the vocal lines are always at the top of the mix, where there is a buoyancy and direction to song. “Fool In Love” is brushed with synthetic layers, embellished with fuzzy buzzes and cracks, and is ripe with intentional turbulence.

Production bounces the echoed vocals around like they’re being shot through a glass pyramid and reflecting all over. The music is still retro and always melodic. It does creep under your skin and stay there.  I found myself repeating the record over and over as I listened to it.

From the synths to the vocals, the colors the sounds daub across your cortex, is designed like paint pushed around a palette, each stroke heavy with oils and influence. There are plenty strokes that shift into what feels like an old friend on a new day.

Keeping it real, most certainly on this record, Zellwick seems to be firmly doing exactly what he wants and not simply fulfilling the inevitability of the next thing. Zellwick ought to be able to crush his contemporaries with his originality – It’s tight, lean, and permeated by a restless retro energy.

The melody bounces, bobs and weaves, capturing wonderment above the clangor of a thick kick drum. The urgency on display here is helped along greatly by the emphasis on rhythm. As the track shows off its solid backbone.

What it offers with wild-eyed adventurousness, is also supported by clarity and focus. This offering of EDM pleasure is offset with healthy dose of alternative pop. “Fool In Love” is a sincere, exciting and excitable track that successfully evokes a sort of primitive dance state that meets new wave synthesizers and modern electronic production.


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