D.S.P’s Dark Angels: “The Struggle Remastered” belongs in today’s troubled times

D.S.P’s Dark Angels is group comprised of 3 solo artists – Justice aka Justamon, Rejekdakon & Shimek. Michael J. Henry Sr. aka Justice is from Brooklyn N.Y. and Jace Williams aka Rejekdakon is from Bridgeton N.J., while Philip Atkinson aka Shimek is from Phildelphia P.A. They all met up in the streets of Wildwood N.J. and rest is history. They were all featured together on the album South Wild Island Hustlers in 2002. After years of doing their own thing they returned to the studio in 2016 to get back to business. There are 2 producers in the group Justice is one and Rejekdakon is the other. Together these 3 form the Dark Symphony Productions Dark Angels.


The creativity of this dynamic group is displayed in the instant classic called “The Struggle Remastered”, a 14 track album now available for download on all major digital download stores. With D.S.P’s Dark Angels you will be educated on many current social topics that you may not be aware of.

The lyrical deliveries contained herein, will leave you with a thirst for more true hip hop. In the current dark age of Hiphop music where every so called artist is stuck in the Trap and mumbling sub-genres with TR-808 overkill, this album is a welcome change. A return to the sound, the vibe and the energy that originally made Rap/Hiphop so interesting and exciting in the Golden Age.

Though at the same time there is nothing dated about the beats which can stand up to the best technology is throwing at us right now. There’s no mistaking that you are listening to underground hip hop royalty pouring their hearts and souls into making an album that manages to sound fresh.


The album flows from the first to last track seamlessly. There is not a bad song to be found here. While they’re not all singles, they don’t need to be. Superior in sound and word play, this thing kicks butt right from the opener, “Visons of a Positive Picture”, which is nothing short of brilliant in its testimony and conviction.

“My Journey!!!” ft. James Harmony starts out with some soulful melody, while the members of D.S.P’s Dark Angels come with a sense of urgency and camaraderie. It never feels like they’re just going through the motions. “You Only Get One” is in your face and confrontational, followed by the epic soundscape and angry social vision on “Don’t Give a Fuck!!!”.

As much as they represent consciousness and Afrocentrism, D.S.P’s Dark Angels never get carried away with their intellectual tendencies, leaving plenty of room for street talk and technical showmanship in amongst their powerfully ignited sociopolitical sides.

Examples of this can be found on standouts, “Changing the Game” – which comes in two flavors the Dark Static Mix and the Light Freedom Mix – “Ask Your God Why!!!” and “Play It Back & Listen”. The flows are consistently dazzling throughout the album, while there’s swagger in every line.


There’s a wide range of ideas and musical approaches here, but they orbit around an anchored worldview for justice, and nowhere is it clearer than on “I Can’t Breathe”, which unravels police brutality issues. “You Thought” is another epic track that is delivered in two flavors – the Dark Trap Mix and the Countdown Mix.

When it comes down to the push and shove, a great rap album usually is all about good beats, focused rhymes and real life, and this album has that in spades. Furthermore “The Struggle Remastered” possesses its own unique sound, and with each listen you hear different nuances and rhythms, prompting you to come back again and again. All backed by lyrical content that belongs in today’s troubled times.

MORE ABOUT: D.S.P’s Dark Angels is the first group on the independent label Dark Symphony Productions. Shimek is not on Dark Symphony Productions first release “The Struggle Remastered” due to his legal issues. He is in the Spotlight on the next album dropping sometime this summer “Angels And Demons” and there are many more artist to come after him, like James Harmony and Ern Boug, just to name a few.


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