Manuel Bair: “MERCY” is a stellar single!

Originally from Newport, Oregon, Manuel Bair was raised in Southern California where he became familiar with the local music scene. In 2016, Manuel set out to relocate to the Pacific Northwestern United States, returning to his roots, while continuing to express himself through writing and recording out of his own studio in Oregon. Bair’s forthcoming EP, “LIVING PROOF”, produced by veteran rock producer, Deane Ogden, is set to drop during the summer of 2018. His first three singles were released through TABCO Records in the United States and are available digitally worldwide. Manuel’s current single, “MERCY”, is making its way up the charts on college radio in America and Canada.

Manuel Blair’s latest track is gorgeous and showcases his attractive chops with delicate and beautiful keys, complementary to the bright guitars. Blending into an acoustic sort of sound, it’s more of a softer song and quite different than anything the artist has done previously.

That said, it’s a great push for Bair and highlights his adaptability to sound and experimentation. It is a beautiful song that feels very soulful and airy, inducing thoughts of cityscapes and a romantic love from the point of view of a soul in awe, singing: “All I need is for you to stay, in one place till you see.  All I’ve done to show you, how you mean the world to me.”

Bair highlights a cool side with his vocals as he expresses a desperation and vulnerability through an emotional verse. Singing, “I found that I’ve been begging for mercy. I know that I been begging all my life. Without you I fear of being empty. Without you I would feel this all the time,” the lyrics full of irony, pain, and dynamism complement the melody immaculately.

Blending familiar haunting melodies with bounce and energy, Bair’s vocals are flawless, moving from gritty to smooth in mere seconds, harmonizing a sort of swagger into the lyrics and beat.

Moving into the bridge, full of emotion and sincerity, Manuel Bair’s rich vocals genuinely tug and tear, at a frank and honest sentiment atop the building background beat, and an impressive guitar solo that follows. This section of the song is incredibly inflamed and potent before finally winding down to its conclusion.

“MERCY” proves that Bair is a force to reckon with, always freshening his style while staying true to himself. Unafraid to experiment with instrumentation, the artist’s immense ability to portray genuine affection with every song he writes and sings is an immaculate talent.

Manuel Bair is someone who is rightfully in this industry.  It’s appreciated to be able to hear an artist pull from a wealth of feelings found deep within himself, pumping meaning into his experiences and articulating it into a vision of poignant and resonant music. This is a stellar single, and Bair is an impressive songwriter and singer, who lays it all out there.


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