Jermaphobic: “Haters” – a constructive and positive attitude

Born in Fort Myers Florida, Jermaphobic started writing poetry as a freshman in high school. He wrote his first song in 2008, formed a label with his best friend Edens aka Envy and opened for Kid Brick and Travis Porter. In 2012 Jermaphobic launched his solo career, while he dropped his official debut single in, “Our Time Is Near” in 2018. Aspiring to be a light to the masses and a voice of truth and reason as well as an inspiration to those struggling through life, the Fort Myers creative bounces right back with his brand new uplifting anthem “Haters”.

While his unusual name might raise an eyebrow or two, Jermaphobic’s new track is a gem. He intentionally flips a lot of the notions of the industry on its head and does a great job of setting his themes to record. The beat on “Haters” is really great as well and it adds to a great sense of production value and quality put into the product.

I’ve listened to a bunch of Jermaphobic’s tracks and this one shows a clear progression in his quality as well, which is a distinctive sign. Jermaphobic’s ability to deliver meaningful messages and his rhyming skills make most of his songs very repeatable and it doesn’t feel gimmicky in any way, but rather a different take on subject matter used while rapping – which is very refreshing.

Not only is he a great rapper, he’s real. He raps about real stuff. I mean who hasn’t come up against a hater somewhere in his or her life?

Okay, so there are a trillion songs dealing with haters in one way or another. But this actually makes Jermaphobic stand out further from the crowd. He has a constructive, positive attitude to tackling the problem. The track starts strong and finishes even stronger, gearing towards a hip-hop vibe with a poignant message interlaced into it.

Jermaphobic is smart, witty, and charming but most of all, he is relevant to the millions of people like me that want something more to chew on. So when he says to treat haters like Photoshop, by giving them a cropping, you know exactly what he’s on about.

There are some great moments to savor on “Haters” and Jermaphobic definitely has the wordplay on lock down. Also, he has a compelling flow, particularly when he delves into speed rapping territory. Music lovers naturally have artists they adore and others they loathe or can’t follow. That’s the way of the world.

Even in hip-hop music, there are divides upon what’s legitimate and what’s not. But when you come across a rapper like Jermaphobic who promotes a positive, uplifting attitude, treating his craft as a liberal art, he becomes really hard to hate!


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