ArVA: “All Mine” – One of his most impressive projects!

George Arvanitis, aka ArVA, is a 27 year old producer, musician covering a vast selection of musical fields. From advanced sound manipulation and producing, to a touring band musician and film supervisor, his musical interests blend to an exciting result. Born in Athens, Greece, ArVA has had several solo releases under well-known labels such as EMI and Feelgood Records and as well as  collaborations with the country’s leading artists like: Otherview, Kings, Locomondo, Risky Kidd, Tiny Jackal, Djtheboy, Oge, Kim, Nevma, Taraxias, and more.

ArVA has participated as a bassist for Fearless Record band Oceans Ate Alaska and One Shot Thrill as well as one of his country’s biggest metal band, United Highlights. Moreover ha also took care of Music Supervision for  some of Greece’s top TV series like Zwi Ths Allis, Klemmena Oneira, Dikewsi and for ODEON released movies.

A proven master of word economy and musical atmosphere, ArVa is now back defining the conditions of his musical universe. He is busting out right now with his brand new summer love anthem – “All Mine”.

In its sonic specificity and luscious imaginativeness, the track makes for one of ArVA’s most impressive projects, mixing a more direct aim at a Trap/Pop crossover hit, with the same inspired flights of stylistic fancy that have characterized all of his releases over the past.

Part of the fun of ArVA’s projects comes when he finds ways to twist his voice into new shapes. He always finds a way here to highlight every element of his artistry which fans find compelling: evidencing his tight sense of artistic discipline.

The reference point for “All Mine’s” boomy electro strums and romantic cooing, is the lusty and loving thoughts for the hottest girl (check out the video if you don’t believe me!) on the block:  “Call me up you know I got the juice / Only one I think about is you / Tell me how you want it I’m the man / I can do it way, way better than he can.”

ArVa’s melodic and confident delivery accurately encapsulates the DNA of the track’s captivating sound. His visceral appeals throughout the verses is as much enticing as the song’s beatific chorus, which erupts into an unabashed exclamation: “See you gotta be all mine”. The cohesion between ArVa and the music is seamless on this song, very smooth.

The hooks on “All Mine” are startlingly symmetrical and intelligible, while the verses wind off into slithering slinkiness, reminding us that it’s unlikely that ArVa could ever render himself anonymous on any of his releases. The track feels unprecedented within his catalog because it’s different from his usual smart-ass, tongue-in-cheek foolery.

It suggests that ArVa is an artist with a long career still ahead of him, one whose bag of tricks may never run out as long as he continues to maintain his uncompromising identity within his increasingly popular song forms. “All Mine” certifies that should continue to be the case, no problem. From the very first listen, this sounds like the best body of work by ArVa – by a distance – so far.


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