Danny Dymond: “Nightlife, Love & Liberty” – a roller coaster ride of musical highs!

Danny Dymond is an up-and-coming electronic-pop and house recording artist based in Toronto. The popular and outspoken Haldimand County artist released his debut album, entitled “Nightlife, Love & Liberty”, on June 19. An electrifying and upbeat tribute to life and the LGBTQ community, the eight-song album features six brand new songs, as well as collaborations with Lexi Tellings and Quanah Style. Listening to this album just proves one thing – Danny Dymond is a musical talented and artistically bold. Nightlife, Love & Liberty, took me on a roller coaster ride of musical highs and higher, with no lows. Danny is a vocal chameleon. The way he weaves his voice into the different songs is breathtaking. From empowerment, to fun, to joy and to raw emotion, his voice mesmerizes and reaches into your soul. The lyrics are achingly honest and he sings them with integrity and feelings.

This album challenges you to try and not fall in love with it – a losing battle, as you will concede defeat right from the opening track “City Slickin’”, with its super electro-bounce and urgent vocals, and will be thoroughly smitten and besotted by the time you reach the final, booming bass-driven beat of “Addicted to the Chaos”, which closes the show down.

This will be a gem that will glitter in playlists for a long time to come. Danny Dymond is fresh, fun, talented and he puts his heart into everything he sings. Furthermore, over and above the dynamic beats, his music has depth and meaning.

The interesting thing to me is what a fine songwriter Danny is, compared to other artists currently trafficking within this genre. He can move from the four-to-the-floor, club-orientated edginess of “Turn It Up (Your My Bish)” [feat. Quanah Style], to the mid-tempo power pop anthem, “Best of Me”, without batting an eyelid or skipping a heartbeat.

His style is lean, mean and essential – a driving electro beat, a soaring vocal, and a definitive lyric sheet. Danny Dymond is never condescending, and he takes no prisoners, which is totally confirmed in the blockbusting sound of “Vicious”.

Danny parties it up, makes you dance, gets a little glamorous and then takes you deeper into his heart and soul on this amazing album. Sometimes he wraps all of this inside of one song, like he does on “Xclusive” (feat. Lexi Tellings). “Feel Like Me 2.0” is raw, empowering, hits deep and tugs at your heart just a little. It has one of the catchiest choruses in the entire collection.

I really see this one as an excellent single release. “Disco Mannequin” will have you grabbing your stripper heals, ready to hit the club. All these amazing songs are perfectly produced with full on dance beats, electronic wizardry, a little pop catchiness here and there, and a rock star attitude – all wrapped up in Danny Dymond’s incredible voice.

Nightlife, Love & Liberty” is honesty at its finest with no filler. There is genuine beauty to every urgent line of this record, and it sounds so glorious it is impossible not to feel buoyant when listening to it.

Danny Dymond has taken the stand that anything is possible if we are not afraid to let our true emotions flow forth. Danny knows when to be controlled and when to unleash and let it fly. This album embodies the redemptive power of self-esteem.


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