The Blankz: “White Baby” – the first wave of punk-rock is back!

Seasoned veterans of the punk and garage scenes, The Blankz is comprised of founders, Tommy Blank (vocals) and Jaime Blank (guitar), who are joined The Darts member, Nikki Blank (synthesizer), Andy Blank (bass), and Johnny Blank (drums).  The band’s debut single, released via Slope Records, features the title track “White Baby” backed with “Sissy Glue”, and is available in formats that include CD, 7-inch vinyl, cassette and digital download. Slope Records is a Phoenix, Arizona based vinyl record label founded in 2015. Started by Phoenix native, Thomas Lopez, the label caters to fans and collectors of first-wave punk as well as contemporary hardcore, garage, psych, and rock ‘n’ roll acts.

“White Baby”, which is featured on the MTV Indie Playlist, is a curious track even before the needle hits the vinyl. It doesn’t deal with the regular punk tropes, but rather investigates Tommy Blank’s peculiar upbringing as a white child adopted by a Mexican family.

Now isn’t that just the most daringly brilliant topic to bring up in the Trump era? For the record, it has to be said, The Blankz have always stated they have “no interest in political rants or agendas.” Hence the mental acquisitiveness on the theme is of my own doing.

Having said that, “White Baby”, is the most intense and sharply focused psycho –sociological study completed in just 3 minutes that I have ever come across. The fact that it’s done to music, fucking awesome. The Blankz sound like the kind of band that punk rock was initially built on.

It this is the kind of frantic, explosive rock music where a set can hold two to three minute tracks and a barrage of banging fists in the mosh pit. The Blankz can be considered royalty, in a genre thin on upcoming talent today. The overall cohesiveness of their sound is distinct.

Jaime Blank sticks to basic, infectious chord progressions, not going off on too many tangents. It gives the songs a tight, direct resonance. There isn’t one instance where you can hear Andy Blank’s bass by itself, as it’s perfectly blended with the guitar.

Behind the razor sharp stringed section, the rumble of drumming by Johnny Blank is splendid. His kit has a genuine thud to it, adding to the overall ass-kicking sound. Tommy Blank’s singing is really what make both “White Baby” and “Sissy Glue” work. His high quality melodic vocals is the perfect accompaniment to the hard-edged instrumental ensemble.

And when you add Nikki Blank’s keyboard embellishments, the band’s punk-rock formula is further potentiated by an extra dimension of sound. The Blankz are an experienced band and know exactly how to play to their full potential, which they totally demonstrate on this double-sided single. Deep into the new millennium, The Blankz may just be the best interpreters of the first wave of punk-rock currently around!


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