Todd Barrow: “Just Like Whiskey” – brings all the emotions!

Mentored by his close friend Sonny Burgess who is associated with Charley Pride, Randy Travis and other legends, Texas country artist, Todd Barrow continues to have success all over the world with his music. Like so many contemporary country stars, Barrow strives for the kind of old school country authenticity but with music custom built for echoing comfortably around arenas. It’s not an impossible balance to achieve, and he is successful with it on his latest single, “Just Like Whiskey”, which has a deep-seated rumble, sway and twang. If you like modern country, then this is a song you can love. If you’re new to the genre, he’s an easy way in because he surrounds his music with everyman themes and solid musicianship.

“Just Like Whiskey” has a sound that is ready to burn up hot country spots on the radio dial and cement his place as a dependable act in the business. The mix-down is perfect, as this is meant to be heard in a bar, in a truck, on the road and on the go.

In fact it won’t take you very long to realize that Todd Barrow is just the kind of contemporary country music artist you like best. He’s got a very good singing voice, plays guitar about as well as he needs to, and writes songs you can hum or singalong to. Simply put, he is terrific in every respect.

You have to love the Barrow’s approach to country music at this time, as the genre is going in so many different directions. The vocals and instruments are clear and he keeps the country feel within his music, without losing touch of the current evolution in the genre.

Country artists are held to a high standard because their releases are inevitably compared to the plethora of artists currently flooding the market with new stuff. This same trend can be found in hip-hop, and without surprise, Country and Hip-hop, alongside EDM, are the fastest growing genres around currently.

Hence Todd Barrow is forced to challenge a pretty high bar, and reaches it, with “Just Like Whiskey”. The minute you press play on this track, within an instant, you are standing in he room and observing the scene, as Barrow sings: “Every guy’s head spins when you walk in. Looking around this bar like you lost something. They can’t see, you’re looking for me. Smile and shake my head but don’t say nothing. When your brown eyes lock on mine, they’ll see the truth…” These are the first few moments of genuine storytelling relatability that showcases the depth and insight that country music can offer.

Todd is a fabulous artist and creative wordsmith who brings all his emotions with him. You’ll love this single if you’re just getting into Todd Barrow’s music, or are helplessly in love with all things Country.


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