Scambler: “A world unknown” – achieves every goal it set out for!

Composer and producer Scambler has written and released seven multi-genre albums; ‘A world unknown’ and ‘Radio Misophonia’ in 2018, ‘Bring it like fire’, ‘Old skool’, ‘Nu klass’ and ‘For Father, For Son’ in 2014, as well as Too ‘king funky and For every action in 2010. His latest, “A world unknown” which will be released at all major download stores on 18th August 2018, is already available to download at Continually progressing forward, the Scambler has comfortably stepped outside his own bounds, while beautifully straddling the line between his unique sound and the commercial market, the perfect recipe for success. “A world unknown” starts off in a familiar direction, sporting the bouncing bass lines, uplifting melodies, and catchy vocals that listeners have come to expect of this artist.

Overall – from what I can gather from the preview sampler – the album meets every expectation while evolving in its own direction, achieving every goal it set out for, moving crowds in clubs and festivals, while climbing every popular chart, all the way to the top.

Some may say that Scambler is the next big music sensation when it comes to the Electronic Dance and Pop genres. He specializes in making very dynamic, yet familiar Dance Pop music. The lead single and title track “A world unknown” kills with its lush synths and thumping bass – blending with its energetic percussion and soulful vocals, for a weirdly emotive track that also feels serene at the same time.

This feeling is immensely affecting throughout the track, following the commonality of today’s hit making EDM, by slowly revving up the engine, then dropping down again, conjuring up a record that isn’t mind-numbing, but rather uplifting and a blast to listen to.

If you want a dynamic EDM record to jam to, “A world unknown” loads up the counters with just that. Featuring a hefty amount of creamy, colorful synth lines smacking upon each other with pulsating basses crashing into the vocals and harmonies. The catchy lyricism is to note as well, destined to be unsurprisingly stuck in the minds of listeners for months to come.

This is the kind of material that should drive Scambler through the bubbling stratosphere of upcoming EDM artists and into the exclusive club of elite producers excelling today – even if this doesn’t break entirely into the mainstream like some have done. Full credit must be given to the vocals for adding such an all-embracing feel to this track.

“A world unknown” is just exceptionally dance-floor worthy, and the beat makes it impossible not to get your groove on while blasting the track on your music system. Yet at the same time it is infectiously anthemic as well, and will have you fist-pumping enthusiastically along to the melodic chants.

With his own sound and some superior songwriting, Scambler is creating something that’ll be remembered for a long time. Scambler is one of those powerhouse crossover musical projects you never really expect to happen, but makes perfect sense when it does.

All Scambler albums can be downloaded on the official site at – buy any two albums and get the second half price.


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