1Life: “MJ” Ft. Alieyun – a convincing presence on the mic

Twenty-six year old 1Life, is an artist from Augusta, Georgia currently living in North Carolina. His latest track is “MJ” Ft. Alieyun. 1Life is one of the more compelling characters in the underground hip-hop game. If you follow him on Instagram, you know the NC artist wears many hats. He is an ambitious artist and a member of H.M.G. H.M.G E.T.G 4 LYFE. 1Life’s strong southern influence is clearly shown throughout his project. There’s just as much soul and groove as there is swagger, a combination that keeps listeners intrigued. He can be lyrical at times, but his evolved ability to create numerous anthems is what keeps his tracks moving.

One track that can’t be neglected is “MJ” Ft. Alieyun, taken off the “Up Next” EP. The beat absolutely knocks. Here 1Life unleashes a whole other level of charisma, as he uses Michael Jordan as a metaphor for his grind. 1Life is a rising talent. His delivery is definitely surefooted in its cadence, and incredibly hard hitting.

Right off the cuff 1Life gives the impression of being a street artist perfectly molded for the 21st century Rap industry, focusing primarily on building his brand, creating a die-hard movement of fans, and moving as much product as possible, whenever possible.

1Life does a superb job of making certain that he connects directly with his core audience by investing most of his time in rattling off story after story of hard hitting Rap. And he deserves commendation for his talent at bringing an explicit rawness, reality and affection to his resonating bars.

1Life consistently puts out quality material, and although topics like those affronted in “MJ” Ft. Alieyun are not uncommon in his field, 1Life separates himself from the rest with his gritty delivery and convincing presence on the microphone.

The beat is gorgeously produced in a sprawling, dark style that seems to seamlessly stream well with 1Life’s direct, unforgiving lyricism. The song flickers with clout, and it’s impressive how swiftly listeners are immersed into the rapper’s verses. 1Life impacts as if he was born to rap. The emcee can be surprisingly versatile and nimble when he wants to be.

Also to his credit, 1Life shows no signs of self-consciousness, as the rapper brings an unbridled energy to the tune. Its deep basslines and beat are low-riding in a way that’s truly hard to resist. A unique sense of momentum is introduced to the tune right from the start, as the sports commentator’s voice sets the intro alight with excitement.

From there onward, 1Life’s flow and the song’s emotional pull makes it stand out. All in all, “MJ” Ft. Alieyun is an extremely enjoyable flex track, and 1Life absolutely excels at such type of cuts. 1Life has the ability to provide listeners with quality music and this is evident with both, the single “MJ” Ft. Alieyun and the EP “Up Next”.


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