Giulio Nightfall – The music feels inspired and accessible!

Born in Treviso, Italy, Giulio Nightfall is a guitarist, composer, poet, writer and Italian Luthier (most of his albums released were recorded with self-built guitars). He showed creative imagination and determination in different artistic fields from an early age. This in fact led to him writing poetry and also becoming a published author. He has also completed journey of personal studies in psychology, Neuro-linguistic-programming and positive thinking. A passionate Luthier, Giulio has released a great number of music albums over the years and has also collaborated with many artists on an international level. 2018 has seen the artist release a series of singles as gets ready to drop the album “Fighters (The Best Of)”.

The new release will include original songs plus cover versions of some rock classics, to which Giulio injects his own personal interpretation and style. A few of Giulio Nightfall’s latest song renditions we had the pleasure of listening to, were “Don’t Fear the Reaper” originally by Blue Oyster Cult, Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”,  and a version of Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight”. We also came across versions of Neil Young’s “Hey Hey My My” and Michael Jackson’s “Bill Jean”, not to mention “Heart-Shaped Box” by Nirvana, and Megadeth’s “Symphony of Destruction”.

It’s easily notable from the above play list that Giulio Nightfall is an extremely eclectic artist with a very wide taste in music. Moreover he is a courageous one. Not many artists will string together a variety of cover songs from heavyweight acts like the above mentioned ones, let alone change the arrangements and instrumentation.

Luckily for us, Giulio is an able singer and one of the more amazing underground guitar players around, Thus through his music he unleashes his intense skills for our musical enjoyment, regardless of the genre and style.

Like most of his releases, these new tracks are works from a musician aiming to achieve the best he is capable of both in creativity and performance. Giulio Nightfall also surrounds himself with awesome musicians on the occasion that bring life to his musical creations rather than trying to take the glory all himself. On these tracks he has gets solid drumming help from people like Glenn Welman and Jason Meeking, or bass from Martino “Stryder”. Often he does most of the instrumentation by himself too.

All-round the performances are stunning, the sound and production is huge with a live feel to almost all of the tracks. But most importantly the arrangements are unique and although it hits you immediately there are lots of layers to discover with repeat listening.

Picking highlights is pointless in works of this quality and raw intensity, so all I can say is listen to these tracks if you are a fan of rock and guitar virtuosity that focuses on creating memorable music. These days good music is so hard to come by that many feel the need to embrace anything that is even slightly good for fear of losing their minds with all the rehashed hip-hop out there and rancid Pop music.

Sure, you’ve probably heard these songs in their blazing original forms before, but Giulio twists them just enough to sound fresh again, without totally dismantling the original structures.  This music feels inspired and accessible. A perfect combination. Each song is diversified and engaging to the point where you’ll pretty much enjoy the entire collection.

Those who have listened to any of Giulio Nightfall’s music before, will know that he is a first and foremostly a guitarist, and then a vocalist. Hence his virtuoso strength lies primarily in his guitar work which has always been outstanding. This time around we come to appreciate some of his vocal work as well.

Obviously, working through a wide range of styles here, you will find that his voice is better suited to some songs rather than others, either way he pulls the whole thing of rather effectively. The key points being the passion and honesty he manages to infuse into each track.

Giulio Nigfhtfall has a great musical imagination and he can do anything with a guitar that he wants, from making it sound soft and sweet to wonderfully nasty and dirty. Listen to his version of Yngwie Malmsteen’s “Brothers” for proof. And that’s the reason I listen to Giulio’s music, more than anything else!


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