Distorted Evidence of Distortion: “These Ships” is a song of great momentum!

Melbourne, Australia based project, Distorted Evidence of Distortion (D – E – D), is described as a masterminded collaboration, a faceless entity playing to the capabilities of your imagination. Their single, “These Ships” is a song of great momentum. It elicits something raw within you, whether it be determination or lust. I get that feeling without listening to the lyrics, hence it must be the explosive forward motion of the music spearheading that powerful sentiment. Thick with intensely driving percussion, reverberating basslines, dirty guitar, organic keys and epic climaxes, this track hits hard from the start.

“These Ships” explodes into action almost as soon as it starts. It’s a quick and short song but a very powerful one. During the fiercer moments, it almost seems as if each band member is pushing one another forward to get to the finish line.

“These Ships” is fierce, fast, emotional, and kick-ass all in one. The music is full energy as most definitely is the lead singer wailing voice that is by no means afraid to stretch its limits. This record is certainly one of Distorted Evidence of Distortion’s greater releases, and this is of no surprise for it is truly an excellent alternative rock track.

The track stays consistently aggressive throughout and never does it lack in any specific areas. In general, D – E – D created a just plain awesome song. The singer takes lead of the song with verve and emotion, while the bass playing is phenomenal and stands out just as much as the speedy drums and jangling guitar.

If you’ve listened to Distorted Evidence of Distortion before, then you’ve already got a reasonable idea of how this record will sound, right? Wrong. No two D – E – D songs sound similar in style. The only thing they have in common is the complex songwriting, and the alluring brilliance encapsulated in the lyrics.

Probably the thing I love the most about the band’s music is the concept, and idea, that drives each song along. You (or I for that matter) may not clearly grasp each and every concept behind their songs, but you can always be sure that there is one. The sound and atmosphere of D – E – D’s music just seems to allude to that conclusion.

Groups usually feel compelled to one-up (or at least equal) the quality of previous releases, or decide to indulge in experiments that by nature are more complex. Ambition and self-improvement are certainly not negatives, although one potential downside to being more self-conscious, is muted urgency.

Thankfully, Distorted Evidence of Distortion is the rare exception to the latter rule. The Australian project simply sounds refreshed and reloaded as it takes another brisk left turn in the sonics department. “These Ships” boasts a skittering rhythmic underbelly, and soaring vocals suspended by an undulating wave of scintillating keys.

At the very least it’s an extremely listenable record; at worst – that is at volume 11 – it will blow your speakers out of the ground! “These Ships” is taken from the band’s debut album “Bad Chemistry” which is due out before the end of 2018.


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