Sinfal K: “Once More” – a spell-binding bit of storytelling

Philly PA rapper, Sinfal K, is lyrical artist out to prove age is no longer an issue and real hip hop is far from dead.  The truth is unless an artist makes money he or she gets marginalized and we get the garbage that is played on the radio. Talent is not talking about your riches have in every rhyme, but that’s what’s making money right now and getting labeled as real hip-hop.  “Once More” the latest track by Sinfal K is true hardcore hip-hop without the fake beefs, glorifying drug dealing, or gang banging. This is a single that only adds to the artist’s status as one to be counted in the underground game.

Unlike many artists who grab the hot for the moment producer, fill the the track with famous guest appearances, and jump on the latest trend, Sinfal K stays true to himself and hip-hop while sounding as fresh as he can.

If Sinfal K wanted to show the hip hop community that he has what it takes to sound real, he sure as hell accomplished that here. A mix of pain, vulnerability and hope, “Once More” affronts the theme of loss head on.

Sinfal K doesn’t mess around with the words and goes straight to the core of the matter: “Seventeen, seven thirteen, lost my baby lost my queen. I don’t wanna wake up. I see her in my dreams, without the best player it’s not the same team.”  Sinfal K delves deep speaking on the effects that his girl had on his life. In fact he turns his life into words in this latest studio track.

The project brings back the classic 2000’s soulful sound and it is quite refreshing in a day where every song includes trap drums. If you’re looking for a Top 40 mumble-type banger then this might not be the one for you, but if you want an amazingly produced, sonically pleasing single with a deep message then you need to hear this shit for real.

Sinfal K’s lyrical talent is so pure, it should be bottled and sold. His approach is all about craft. You can feel the pride in every punchline setup and the catharsis in every unspooled rhyme scheme.

On “Once More”, Sinfal K flexes his storytelling muscles more than ever before, with his bars revealing the ties between his heartstrings and his mindset of extremes – his battle with misguided life experiences and his mission to be a great partner for his lady. This song uncovers the happy and the sad of Sinfal K’s past transforming into a thoughtful track with vicious flows.

Sinfal K is direct with his words, which makes for a listen that is equal parts refreshing and devastating, as the artist bares his soul. Completely raw and fully confessional, “Once More” shows off a vulnerability you’re unlikely to hear from Sinfal K’s contemporaries. It’s a spell-binding bit of storytelling.


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