Samuel Yuri: “Wind Before The Storm” – a captivating rock experience!

Based São Paulo, Brazilian composer and musician, Samuel Yuri, started his musical pathway by studying the guitar and combined with his singing skills began recording at Lumen Studios in 2017, as well as mixing with producer Martin Guderle at Tonewarp Studios. It is here that Yuri began preparing his debut album, “Epic Scales”, which was inspired by several influences taken from Western to Arabian Rock as well as Classical Music. The album, released worldwide via all digital download stores in 2018, contains a mix of instrumental and vocal compositions. Taken from this album comes probably the best piece of music Samuel has composed and executed.

Well, to be honest it is actually four pieces of music – three instrumental sections and one vocal section – for a total of nearly seventeen minutes of intense guitar-driven rock soundscapes, entitled “Wind Before The Storm”.

Do you like to dream? Many people do. Dreaming, asleep or awake, is an opportunity to explore the imagination. And such exploration can leave you with a newer sense of the world and your own place in that world. It can leave you exalted or humbled, sometimes all at once.

Samuel Yuri creatively drives home a sense of hypnotic daydreaming. It’s like floating across the immensity of an ominous grey sky. The experience is like nothing you could ever imagine on your own without the effort to see it for yourself. It is a gorgeous sequence of tracks, ignited by powerful rhythms and driven guitar riffs. You will get lost in it.

Strangely, though it is a captivating instrumental rock experience, you should understand it’s not about shredding guitars – it’s all about creating a mood. Samuel Yuri’s music is a journey, not a showboat. You’ll know this is classic material because it will manage to blow you away without the usual flashy ingredients made to excite the listener – like killer licks, long-winded solos, and the aforementioned shredding.

It is about the art of the music and creating a sense of being. What Yuri expresses here is elemental – crank it up and let the force of the powerful guitar motifs, which recur through each segment of “Wind Before The Storm”, assault your speakers and senses.

It is all a question of less is more. Samuel Yuri keeps the instrumentals driven, but fairly basic, drums, bass, and grungy layered guitars, with not too many frills. In so doing, he leaves more room for the listener to inhabit within the music, rather than when there are too many instrumental elements shrinking the boundaries of the song.

This is the kind of music that you can lose yourself in. Listening to “Wind Before The Storm”, the entire way through, will drag you across a realm of pure emotion.  Samuel Yuri stands out from your average band with his extraordinarily emotional songwriting.

Vocals are usually at the heart of rock music, but they aren’t needed to create real feeling in the music, as this album and song readily proves. However, in the final part of “Wind Before The Storm”, Yuri includes a brooding melodic vocal to complete his narrative and showcase his ability to intelligently include the use of the human voice into his compositions.

Throughout this sequence of tracks, Samuel Yuri builds amazing rock-driven soundscapes, moving through chugging riffs and restrained melodies into crushing climaxes. If you’re a fan of ambient, progressive, and even post rock, this stuff will be right up your alley.


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