Jay Machiavelli – “Everybody Mad” is so full of fire!

Artist, DJ, and Engineer, with a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Digital Audio Recording Arts, and minoring in business, Jay Machiavelli is also a co-founder of the Rare Deviation Record Label. Machiavelli is the real deal. I have listened to his previous releases and see a progression of quality and talent. You will hear the raw talent in this latest venture “Everybody Mad” that puts the artist among the top independent rappers.  The mid-tempo energy that the song creates is brash, and proud.

However, Machiavelli does not use this as a marketing gimmick, instead, as with all his music, there is a point to it. It is a statement to all those who did not believe in him. This lends a sense of urgency, and purpose to the track that is seen throughout. Moreover, the rapper is at the top of his game when it comes to his flow, sounding as smooth and pronounced as ever.

“Everybody Mad” is brutally honest, and the vivid language of the verses is contrasted by the succinct and simple chorus. Lyrically, it is rare you’ll find someone as self-aware and self-examining as Jay Machiavelli. The word ‘introspective’ is thrown around a lot these days, but when used to describe Machiavelli, there may not be a better word.

He breaks down everything around him, simultaneously breaking down his own thoughts in the process.  To say that this track is nearly flawless would be an understatement. The rhymes, beat, and overall passion are excelling in every way.

Jay Machiavelli is so full of fire in “Everybody Mad” that you can’t help but end up psyched by the infectious beat and smooth flow of his rhymes. The lyrics are blunt and straight forward, and any fan of intelligent hip-hop who hasn’t heard this song needs to listen to it right now.

What makes Machiavelli’s songs so incredible, is how easy it is to relate to the story he weaves for us. Machiavelli pours all his realism and sincerity into his songs. The stories meld with the metaphors into a realistic, relatable and passionate collection of tracks. It’s a formula he repeats here, on “Everybody Mad”. He sounds convinced of his personal truths.

“Everybody Mad” has a fairly distinct sound. The production is warm and dry, not over produced at all, leaving plenty of room for Jay Machiavelli’s voice. In fact the minimal production puts the majority of the focus on the rapper’s lyrics and flow.

The beat is the perfect counterpoint to Machiavelli’s verses, as he adds a ton of melody and detail in his rhymes, building on the techniques he used in previous recordings and adding new ones. The songwriting here is at its finest, and Machiavelli delivers in such a personal way that you can’t help but to be drawn in.

Lyrics. Musical storytelling. Jay Machiavelli walks us down the street and tells us a story about some of the people he knows, and about himself. Mirroring his feelings, grind and aspirations. “Everybody Mad” is interesting rap. It’s in a different class than the majority of stuff that gets significant radio play and major marketing.


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