Adam Exler – “Language of Love” – an electrifying vibe and presence!

Adam Exler is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Los Angeles. Adam, who attended The Grove School of Music, after graduating from Buckley School, has been building up an impressive catalog of music, while keeping company with a range of A-League musicians who have appeared on his recordings. His current project is being produced by Grammy winner and multi-platinum mixer Bob Horn. “Language of Love” is the first single from the new 11 song project. Here’s an indisputable fact: Adam Exler is an expert at his craft. As a songwriter who has penned dozens of songs, Adam knows his sound and his audience. He is not one to chase sonic trends. So what do you get from Adam?

You get a song that is so well crafted and so catchy, filled with pure rock and power pop bliss.  Adam has delivered a track that is so spot on and refreshing that you walk away with such a big smile after listening, you have to hit repeat and play it again. Nope, Adam Exler isn’t chasing any trends, “Language of Love” is his sound.

Sure J Holla on the rap bridge, gives the track an urban bent, and surplus genre appeal, but he’s just part of the glorious puzzle, which has great bluesy-rock groove with a dash of Spanish flair. “Language of Love” is powerfully rhythmic, and has you swinging back and forth to the beat as it recycles through its momentum.

This song can equally throwback to earlier decades, as well as fit perfectly into these modern times. The lyrics can move you, spark something you can relate to, or simply get you to dance to the beat. There is quite truly, a little something for everyone, in these three minutes and fifty-five seconds. This is a track that will make you feel like you can take on the world, or simply find the motivation you need, to keep going.

“Language of Love” is the song you should listen to if you need that energy to move and take on the day. That message of love is mixed with a sexy melody and an awesome beat that moves through you and motivates you just as much as the heartfelt lyrics will. Driving and vibrant, this is a powerful song indeed.

The sound is impressive with pummeling percussion, bright acoustic guitars, fiery electric six-string solos, and enthusiastic, assertive vocals from Adam Exler who simply soars above the arrangement like an authentic GOAT. The raunchy guitars obviously fuel the fire, but Adam is a juggernaut in his own right, as his powerful vocals drop a biting, punchy performance.

Adam Exler remains commanding and incredibly potent throughout “Language of Love”, particularly on the chorus, easily delivering one of the better rock-orientated songs of 2019. Adam plays to his strengths on this single, which in truth, is something he’s always done, so it’s no surprise that “Language of Love” is as impressive and memorable in its own way.

You’ll find yourself entangled in the rhythm of this track after only eight bars, and you’ll be hooked. It just has an electrifying vibe and presence to it.








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One thought on “Adam Exler – “Language of Love” – an electrifying vibe and presence!

  1. Adam has impressed me with his writing skills musicianship and voice since the first time I heard him I believe he is destined for greatness

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