Lyndon Rivers – “Win Your Love” illustrates impeccable production chops

The track “Win Your Love” by Lyndon Rivers arrives in tightly in the footsteps of the producer’s previous release, as Rivers likes to work in quick bursts of inspiration. He taps into an idea, explores it, ideally, across a few tracks in rapid succession, and then snaps into a new wave of sound. With “Win Your Love”, the Australian-based EDM/POP producer sought to still offer energetic vibes, while intending for it to be grounded on a foundation of a smoother, laid back groove. He sticks with the bounce in his sound, but took his thoughts to a sweeter, pensive place. It’s just what makes this record so powerful: with some of the breeziest production, one of the finest beat-smiths to grace the indie EDM scene offers.

What you will find on “Win Your Love”, is a song that reflects Lyndon’s maturity and dedication. It’s a canvas for ideas that bubble up in the producer’s mind. He isn’t pretentious about all this, either; as the song seems to be the inevitable result of an artist who arrived onto the scene curious about different musical forms within the Electronic Dance genre, and has grown his way to master status. A few years down the road from his debut, he’s making some of the best music of his career this year. Especially on his last three releases, including this one.

Lyndon Rivers’ songs don’t always sound like just EDM songs; they’re more than that, sprawling arrangements in their own right. He’s always retained his passion for the possibilities of insistent drum loops, but he’s grown increasingly attracted to richer soundscapes and bolder instrumentation, too.

“Win Your Love” signals a deep decent into mellow grooves, soothing rhythms and swaying melodies. And it sounds like nothing else in the prolific producer’s extensive catalogue. The track also boasts exotic, light-on-its-feet female vocals, well-suited to the production of simmering synths and bubbling baselines.

Indeed, Lyndon Rivers has taken a deep breath for “Win Your Love”, and his bold dip into a chill electro soundscape, proves he can make a satisfying splash in a myriad of electronic genres. The track is a canvas filled with colors, lines and hidden mysteries.

The song’s sentimental theme clashes well with its attempts at optimism, mostly with its airy vocals and bright instrumental, as it asks the question: “What do I have to do to win your love?” The groove is sun-kissed and undeniable, as Lyndon’s new sound once again illustrates his impeccable production chops.

Refreshing and creative, Lyndon Rivers is a producer who rarely under-delivers on his promises, hence every subsequent release Lyndon drops, offers something unique and inviting. If “Win Your Love” isn’t the record that pops off for him, it begs the question: what more does an eclectic producer, with a kaleidoscopic, and an uncompromising vision, have to do, to garner some damn attention?


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