Talented Duo The Keymakers Release The Second Single From Their Upcoming Debut EP “Spectra”

The Keymakers, the multi-talented duo consisting of brothers Rome Alexander and Rederic, have released a new single, “Remember.” The release is the second song from their upcoming debut EP “Spectra” which will be released in November. “Remember has been in the works for a long time now – the whole idea of the EP is exploring and recreating emotions and experiences that we’ve felt before in our lives. Remember, just like our last single Lonely, shares one of those feelings. It’s about wanting to find something to hold onto in a life that’s spiraling a bit out of control,” said Rome.

“At times, it feels like we’re caught between pure bliss and self-destructive habits. This track is about holding onto those memories, even when they feel as temporary as the moments themselves.” said Rederic. “It’s about yearning for those simpler times, when everything made sense instead of feeling like you’re endlessly searching for meaning.”

The Keymakers weave together this message by infusing the track with a hard-hitting percussive beat and blending it with smooth vocals, saxophone and synths. It will have you bobbing your head right from the start.

“Remember” is the second release from ‘Spectra’ and will be followed by one final single release before the full EP in November.

Click the link below to listen to “Remember,” Also add the song to your playlist, share it with a friend, and connect with The Keymakers on Social Media.


The song is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and other streaming services, and for purchase on Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play and other e-commerce sites.

To learn more about The Keymakers and follow them on social media, visit their website https://www.wearethekeymakers.com or find them on Instagram (@TheKeymakers)




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