Ekii Emmanuel releases his brand new single “True Colors” ft. Blueprint Hakeem

Hailing from Cameroon, Africa, Ekii Emmanuel has just released his brand new single “True Colors”, a multi-layered and atmospheric offering from the artist. In this track, the artist blurs the lines between a diverse range of genres, including electronica, pop, and R&B to mention but a few. In today’s post-genre music scene, artists like Ekii really stand out. He makes music from his heart and soul, without worrying about the restrictions of genre.

“True Colors” is a fresh release from the artists’ upcoming album “Apotheosis”. In this new track, the artist is inspired by a range of different musicians. These include Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars, to mention but two. Even though he has that same undeniable talent with music, his style and approach are utterly unique.

This single was created in collaboration with Blueprint Hakeem, produced by BadManBeatz, and engineered by DJO. The production aesthetic on the single is fresh and contemporary. This allows for Ekii’s expressive vocal performance to shine through.

“True Colors” is an immersive song that is coupled with Ekii’s fascinating songwriting and lyrical flow. After listening to this, it’s exciting to think about what is next in store for this recording artist.

Check out the link below to listen to “True Colors” and follow Ekii on Spotify to stay tuned for his brand new album “Apotheosis”.


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