YNG ZUCK – “Worldwide” fans his feathers with confidence!

Marc Zuckerman, better known as YNG ZUCK, is a 20-year-old unsigned artist out of Orlando, Florida. Currently attending the University Of Central Florida, he originally hails from Pennsylvania and has a love and passion for music. Making music is something he wants to do for the rest of his life, hence he is continually on his grind, and in search of the right record deal. YNG ZUCK has versatile flow, creative punchlines, and love for melodic hooks which make his tracks more than captivating. After one listen to his track, “Worldwide”, it became apparent to me that he is very passionate about his music and what he does. Another thing about his songs is that their sound also helps interpret the vibe they are going for. You can also tell he puts a lot of time into his music and lyrics. Making sure everything flows well, and he expresses himself perfectly while doing it.

“Worldwide” reflects YNG ZUCK’s sound and flow rather faithfully, as I scrutinized a pair of his other releases too. On the new single, YNG ZUCK demonstrates his diverse style paired with well thought-out lines and melodic influences. His resonant voice and cool flow go great with the beat.

The reason his verses work is because, he tells a clear story in his songs. YNG ZUCK fans his feathers with confidence and gives us a smooth delivery – while the single has a definite fresh sound – it also has a minimal vibe. Which means there is plenty of space for vocal variance. “Worldwide” is dynamic and creative from start to finish.

There is nothing on this track that feels redundant, as it gives listeners a glimpse at the sensitive side of the artist. “Worldwide” is simple and honest, and paints a small moment of adoration and infatuation. The production is catchy and relaxed and the combo with YNG ZUCK spitting, leaves us with a sound that can best be described as “intensely chill”.

YNG ZUCK leaves a piece of himself vulnerable on this track, which is a reminder that he is not only an intellectual beast, but he’s human and authentic. This song shows just how far YNG ZUCK has come in a very short space of time.

He is extremely good at creating and developing a strong story-line, and bringing you along for the ride. Granted, as with all artists, some people may not like YNG ZUCK’s style of music but they’ll have to admire the young man’s songwriting skills, as its obvious when talent is staring you in the face.

The rapper displays his melodic flow and rhymes throughout the song, and is bound to impress the underground faithful, as well as maintaining a certain ear-catching commerciality that will appeal to mainstream audiences.

Even if YNG ZUCK does sign with a label eventually, I hope he maintains creative control because he’s got a gift for lyricism and storytelling as well as a taste for good production. He’s a great artist to support and you will be back for more because “Worldwide” from YNG ZUCK will leave you hooked.


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