Lyndon Rivers – “So Good” – subtly intelligent, consistently artful, and wildly infectious

Australia’s EDM workhorse is at it again. “So Good” by Lyndon Rivers, is a multi-layered trail through funk and disco iterations loaded with squealing synth leads, big basslines, and more sass and energy than you can shake a stick at. It’s a slow burn beat – the music is bold, punching up the warmest and most nostalgic of sounds. It’s as performative as anything Rivers has done before, and more melodically intense. The secret to the producer’s sustained success in maintaining interest in his music, is the ability to dial in new attitudes without surrendering his stylistic line. The track is packed with moments that will have you shuffling in your seat if not the whole way out of it.

In an era where Autotuned rap over trap beats is king, Lyndon Rivers’ new single injects some sorely needed aspects back into modern pop music. The songwriting across this track has again morphed drastically from previous efforts, featuring a good amount of changes in pacing and rhythm.

What’s great about “So Good”,  is that it approaches lyrics at face value and does not have hidden meanings buried under layers of metaphor, which makes for a more accessible and relatable experience for the listener. It’s a track that knows exactly what it needs to be, and doesn’t try to do anything more. Which is kind of a novelty in the age of pretension and fakes.

Having worked on his progression for years, it’s clear that Lyndon Rivers has perfected his sound, which is an amalgamation of modern, electro-pop music with synth-driven disco and bass-slapping funk. Though the equation of the formula may differ from track to track.

If you like well written electronic music that is catchy, simple but creative, then this one’s for you. It’s hard not to be swayed by the smooth and sassy electro pop on show, especially when it’s done as effortlessly as this. “So Good” is obviously meant to be listened to in high fidelity, through real speakers.

Lyndon Rivers is consistently fantastic from track to track. This song is no exception. It feels simultaneously familiar and fresh at the same time. I also like that it’s not too overproduced, so it won’t feel dated after a couple of years and make you wonder why you downloaded it.

Your only regret will be leaving it on the shelf for that long. Once you press play, on “So Good”, you’ll come to realize that Lyndon Rivers is not just a dance factory of sorts, but that the dynamic producer is significantly more adventurous and talented then just creating electronic dance tunes.

“So Good” is subtly intelligent, consistently artful, and wildly infectious. You can really see his musical experience kicking in, with the atypical arrangement and the choice of male lead vocals. This is a very impressive track. And it comes from an impressive artist whose music may have escaped your notice before. If on the other hand you’re a Lyndon Rivers fan, you don’t need to read the review at all, just go ahead and grab the track.


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